Though announced a couple of months ago, today we have a lot of folks from Google setting up internet for people in Computer Village Ikeja. Businesses and residents of Ikeja and environs would be enjoying a high speed internet courtesy of Google. The search engine giant noted that it would be launching broadband internet facilities across major cities like Lagos, Onitsha Port Harcourt and others. Google has lived up to its promise to bring this internet free of charge thereby reducing the operational cost for Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in these aforementioned cities.

A walk at the computer village Ikeja Lagos, we saw a lot of Google themed staff helping residents to set up their Wi-Fi on their devices. In collaboration with indigenous ICT firm, 21st Century, the broadband facility has a high speed internet rivaling what the Telecommunication firms have on ground.

Speaking to one of the business owners in Computer Village, Chukwuemeka Ibekwe,” We are happy that Google is setting up this WIFI facility in Ikeja, this has demonstrated that Google knows her onions and as a responsible entity, they have come to terms that Computer Village isn’t what you just overlook when things like this is done. We are one of the biggest consumers of Google products in Africa, with the high sales of Android devices which is Google OS and tons of download and upgrades of google products. We can say that they have done well”, he remarked.

Funmi Ogunlade, a dealer of fairy used devices was elated when contacted. She has lot lamentations to make and hear her, “I spend so much on data that is not even reliable, I have tried almost all the telecommunication firms but their data are just razz. I sell gray or fairly used devices and most times customers do want upgrade of their phones and we do download firmware. With the telecommunication firms’ data bundle which is pretty expensive, one gig is about N1, 000 and I can use up to 3 Gig a week; you can imagine the expenses that I have. These have reduced the level of profitability of my business.”
Noted to be a welcome development, most of the business owners interviewed said that it is a welcome development. With Google antecedents, we can say that it would be a success unlike other firms that tried to key into the smart city project by the Lagos State Government, though they couldn’t sustain it. With Google Wifi, this has brought respite for businesses in Ikeja. The Google Wi-Fi locations are Ikeja Computer Village, Alausa (Shopping Complex) Airport and Palms, with other locations coming up. Onitsha and other cities like Port Harcourt would join the race to becoming truly “smart”.

Anthony Emeka Nwosu
Writes From Otigba Computer Village

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