Google is in the business of making other businesses successful”

Joshua Yellin

Google acceralator program has been on for two years globally, that story has changed. African developers and geeks would have a first hand experience working and getting trained by the foremost technology firm, Google.


With the launch in Lagos, Sub Saharan African can be said to be in the global developers map. Launched in Nigerian, developers would have the opportunity to be exposed to the best global training platform which Google termed “Launchpad”.

In the words of Andy Voik  ” the essence of the program is to create a successful developers and role model for the next generation big developers”.

The launchpad is designed to work with startups ,developer community and SMEs. In Nigeria there are over 30 developer group from hackathon to other groups.

Google has been on the forefront of innovations that would make the country and African leap forward. This the tech firm is doing  in the area of intervention, digital awareness and accessibility of  digital tool Starting with providing free digital training for 1 million Africans in 2016.

With the commitment to train about 10 million Africans in 10 years. Google has recorded great success stories from people learning new skills and starting up new business.

With over $10 million grant for Africa start ups. Having  supported developers community over time, launchpad is a global program that is designed to nurture developers and with the intention to reach startups in Nigeria .

About100,000 developers are to be trained in this programme this is in partnership with Andela. In addition to 15,000 developers that would have access scholarship. The key objective is to increase employability of these developers. Developers would be exposed to arrays of trainings from Android basic to web development. This is what the scholarship is designed for, said Juliet Ehimuan

With over 140 top companies in the world, the Google launchpad would expose the developers the opportunity to network with the alumni of the launchpad.

The Launchpad acceralator program kicking off in Lagos is the first of its kind in Africa. Google has helped  to  activate over 3 million jobs in Africa on annual basis through their various interventionist projects .

The Africa scholarship program of Google is to train over hundred thousand developers. Launchpad is part of the program that is designed to empower developers across the region. The launchpad is mentor driven with over two hundred mentors that is available. The Google developer groups would work with these mentors and presently we have three groups in many countries of the world.

Earmarking over 3 million dollars in equity , the launchpad accelerator would connect the best of Google and the best of startups….with 12 startups from various countries like Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda and South Africa.

The Nigerian startups that are engaged in the program is about fifty percent of the group. The selection criteria was based on minimum viable product. The startups where based on seed start and early stage who were showing good tractions where chosen. .

The event brought over 30 mentors all over the world to Nigeria . These mentors would work with the local startups.


Anthony Emeka Nwosu

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