Google Job Search Launch, What’s the Big Deal ?


When Google, the big online search engine came to town to launch their Google job search portal, a lot of people wondered what is different and why the special announcement of the job site….by the way we have been getting jobs via Google search! Kini big deal ? As they say in Lagos

These are the few reasons that made the online search agent think of having a simple job search experience. Mind you it is not a threat to outsourcing agencies, in short folks like Jobberman and Myjob were there and these ain’t small fishes in the labour market !

Julie one of google staff said that one of the mission of google is to build for everyone. This is making the company to figure out how to tailor their products well for emerging markets .

Looking at unemployment challenge in Nigeria, about 22 million (under)employed youths in the country, this has caused additional pressure and challenge to the society . With Google digital skills for Africa, this is helping to solve the job creation problems such free digital skills training where about 1 million people have been trained and about 5 million Africans to be trained in skills acquisition.

Google development launch pad is designed to train about 100,,000 developers across board. This would enable people learn and have access to technology mentoring. This would kick off in March with intensive training with over 3 million dollars in equity funding and over 10 million dollars to organisation that are into education in Africa.

With the mission to organise the world information and make it universally acceptable. Google job search within google would look at unemployment in Nigeria.

Lolo Bodunwa of google said that with the job search on Google, users have the ability to customers their search and have their queries narrowed and also get notified when new update are available.

Afolabi Imoukhuede to the president on job creations said that the government of Nigeria recognises the role of technology bin job creation and also enabling entrepreneurship.

Anthony Emeka Nwosu


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