“Google Go” Caters For Lower End Phones


Google Go, the lighter way to search for the internet ! Changing the way we access information has been Paramount to the Search Engine Giant. This has promoted Google to launch a lite version of the search app.

The power of having information at the right time with the internet democratising the information via smartphones. This has created a level playing field. Google keeps trying to innovate in this age, particularly in Nigeria , the need for the country to participate in the digital economy.

Google search has evolved over the decades ,with a lot of enhancements in the search today, a lot more reach in information with a lot of sophisticated algorithms around this , this has changed the way people search for information from voice charge to location.

Though, about 76% of Nigerians still work with less than 1gig ram phones and this has brought limitation around the usage. These has made people access to Internet limited. These realities are what google try to change and with the new enhancements, Google is making access to information seamless from smartphones to feature phones.

In a terrain that “faster is always better” people are constantly looking at new ways to manage their data. Taking all of these challenges into consideration, The search engine launched Google Go.

According to Tolu, one of the Google developers said that ” with this kind of app, phones with low ram can use it and also it manages the data usage ,saving users about 40% percent ” , he said

With locally relevance, the Google Go makes the search a one stop thing. With one click users can make searching cool. Loaded with voice search, the tech giant incorporated Nigerian accents to make Nigerians voice search without having issues with voice recognition.

Google go is built to support Android devices that are 1gig RAM and below with the new compression technologies deployed in the app, users can save more data.



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