Goodluck Jonathan speaks about Yusuf Buhari’s Accident


Far away in Liberia monitoring elections, the former Nigerian president, Goodluck E. Jonathan expresses himself over the tragic accident of president Buhari’s son who had a tragic accident in Abuja ! This has been seen as a very matured approach and as a father ,he prayed that the young man gets well. This he expressed in his social media account.

In his words , the former president said that

“I have been in Liberia monitoring elections and only just heard the sad news. My family and I are in prayers for the quick recovery of Yusuf Buhari. It is my deep desire that a young man so full of promise should live and thrive to fulfill the promises God has domiciled in him. I also call on all Nigerians to put aside any divisions and show unconditional love to the first family at this time.”

In a country that all the bad things that happened to the economy has been blamed on the former adminstration which he held, Jonathan has maintained a level of maturity and dignified silence as he pursues his international diplomacy works. Many of the political watchers gas described this as “Sterling ” and worthy of emulation. This has been interpreted from the biblical point of view of “blessed are the merciful for they shall obtain mercy ” and also loving your neighbor irrespective of the situation. This has been demonstrated by Jonathan as an elder statesman in the face of accusations and counter accusations ,Jonathan still maintains love and patriotism

Anthony Emeka Nwosu


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