In today’s family, the society is redefining marriage and the pictures created of marriage is something that isn’t much of Christianity or what is in Bible. The need to understand the concept of Bible is clear. So , been a godly man or husband is important. Men today must understand the current realities and follow the biblical laid down rules.

If a man comes back today and tells the wife that fish swallowed him three days like it did to Jonah, what would the woman today say? Have you ever thought about that? In today’s world , who is a man if godly character? In Psalm 1, the Bible made it clear on who is a man of godly character.

There are factors that was used as a yardstick to reveal or identify who a godly man is. Leading an exemplary life as a Christian, the yardstick is there in the Bible. We must know that one thing that makes a man jettison a godly character model is – money.

Men today must balance between money and family. Today , we are in a haste to make money forgetting to raise kids with a godly character. Yes, if the man doesn’t have the money the wife wouldn’t respect him, that is the position of things today. Men, must do the one they can do and leave the rest for God! Economist has posited that human wants are insatiable!

Who is a man if godly character? A man of godly character would set his house at peace and put things in balance. This is one of the factors that make a man of godly character. A man of godly character doesn’t relate with everyone. He doesn’t behave anyhow.

Men must understand that respect is earned. No woman or wife would respect you as a man and you must respect yourself before you demand the respect. If a man can manage a woman , he can manage anything, marriage is all about management. You must start anger management, tolerance and when to tone down argument.

A godly man must pay bills and must start understanding that the ability to pay bills is the role of a man. You don’t sit back and leave off a woman. A godly man would always leave inheritance for the family , children especially

A man must develop patience and thus making the house whole. Are you a man? The peace that you want to enjoy in the house please create it! As a man always stand right! Say the truth because you don’t know where your children would head to tomorrow. Sometimes, we must learn how to sieve things as a man and do what is clear in the Bible.




This message is in line with the Men of Wisdom (Men department of Faith Cathedral) Convention 2018.

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