Giving and Spiritual Punctuality:The Bane of Christians Today


Punctuality is the sole of business as it is in the corporate  world so it is in the spiritual. One must always be punctual and aware in the things of the spirit. Lateness has always been downed upon even in the realm of spirit. A situation that made Esau loose his birthright and blessings to Isaac. This narrative is a pointer that every Christian must be aware of period and times to key into blessings and opportunities as they present themselves.

The story of Isaac and Esau has shown the way Christians must guard their blessing and birthright jealousy. The story of the duo was established in the book of Genesis where Jacob mistakenly blessed Jacob instead of Esau. A situation that brought acrimony between the two brothers. The importance of blessing in the life of every Christian is important . 

Isaac keyed into the blessing not because of the holiness  he possess , but he is timely and keyed into the opportunity. The issue of giving is important. He understood the spiritual laws. The concept of giving is important . Greatness doesn’t come until Christians understand the concept of giving. We must have the ability to always give be it physical or emotional.  We must reach out to people, from your pastor to the ones that you meet daily. There must be some elements of giving in us …Giving is one thing that people must do .

All Christians must know that it is written in the Bible  “give and that it shall be given back to you ” this biblical injunction has made giving one of the main tenets of Christianity. Christians must give and give and always give and expect nothing in return because the measure we give is the measure we would receive. This simple rules must we know. 

John 4 Vs 10 – 11 , here Jesus asked water from the woman of Samaria, here Jesus was asking  for water but the woman was hesitant because, Jesus is a Jew .

Punctuality is also a byproduct of the spiritual fruit of self-control (Galatians 5:22)  Also according to the Institute of Basic Life Principles said that “A giver’s basic motivational drive is to conserve and share resources in order to meet needs. Givers take special delight in discovering needs that others overlook and then meeting those needs.”

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