GITEX 2018:Airbus will announce the winners of its “Critical App Challenge for the Middle East” to find the best next-generation public safety smartphone app




During GITEX 2018 Airbus will announce the winners of its “Critical App Challenge for the Middle East” to find the best next-generation public safety smartphone app



Airbus will conclude its “Critical App Challenge for the Middle East” during the GITEX exhibition 2018 in Dubai from 14 to 18 October and honour the best developers for public safety apps in the region. Since August start-up companies from the region have registered for the Airbus competition to create inventive digital solutions to facilitate public safety’s or companies´ work. This challenge contributes to a digital ecosystem for the secure device Tactilon Dabat, the first Tetra radio and Android smartphone in one.


The Tactilon Dabat received the International Critical Communications Award 2018 in the category “Best evolution to future broadband” and the Intersec Award 2018 “Innovative Security Product of the Year”. It meets all the security standards while communicating using narrow- or broadband networks. Users of the device can take advantage of special mobile public safety apps that are available at Airbus.


“Today, we give concrete answers to public safety questions when it comes to professional communication. The Middle East is the leading region for professional communication with the most advanced mobile networks worldwide for public safety,” says Selim Bouri, Vice-President and Head of Middle East, North Africa and Asia-Pacific for Secure Land Communications at Airbus. As a result, airports, utilities, energy companies, rescue services and state security officials can exchange information more intelligently than ever.


“Police officers or firefighters want to benefit from Virtual Reality, Internet of Things, and Artificial Intelligence. That’s the reason why Airbus has set the ground for developing these communication technologies for public safety,” says Selim Bouri. Airbus has the right platform where demands of public safety and companies meet the supply for new communication solutions, Selim Bouri points out.


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