One thing that Nigeria must come to terms with is that manufacturing is what makes a country developed. You can’t take away the impact and Domino effects of local manufacturing and the earlier Nigerians start appreciating local products the better for the economy, said an indigenous furniture manufacturing firm , FURNISH.NG.

    They can be likened to Nigerian answer to IKEA furniture, the company stated that; Local manufacturing is tough, to say the least. But we are in this situation as a nation because we prefer shortcuts to success. Almost everyone prefer to just import things and sell. Importation creates jobs overseas. Most of the value is added overseas. Nigeria gains little or nothing when you import items.

    You can lead the charge for local manufacturing in your business or sector. You can decide to manufacture items here instead of importing them. You can decide to add value to raw materials in Nigeria whether the raw materials are sourced locally or overseas. Begin from small and grow the business into a giant you forsee it to become. The more value you add within Nigeria, the better our country. More jobs are created. More people are brought out of poverty. More families have food on their tables. More children are able to attend schools. More tax is paid to the government. The government has more funds to provide social infrastructure. Social infrastructure improves the living conditions of people.

    The ripple effects of local manufacturing cannot be overemphasized. That’s why serious countries do not joke with their industries especially in sectors in which they have competitive advantage.

    FURNISH.NG is on a mission. A mission to help Nigeria attend self-sufficiency in furniture and become net exporter of furniture.

    Tony Emeka NWOSU

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