Funmi Iyanda Answers The Question “Why Is Religion So Destructive?”


The second season of ‘Ask Funmi’ is out and in the first episode, media personality, Funmi Iyanda speaks about, “Why is religion so destructive?”

Noting the sensitivity of the topic, Funmi says her personal view of religion is that its like one’s private part, “its yours and it’s a bit indecent to expose it.”

She explained how people have, in the name of religion, done harmful things to other people.

“I think one of the ways people use religion to do really destructive things and we cannot argue that people have used religion through the centuries to do some of the most horrible things to other human beings is because they create the idea of an entity that is different from them as a human being and as long as you give ultimate power to that entity, you can then say that, that entity justifies what you do to your fellow human being.”

She said that people, who commit evil in the name of God cannot confront themselves if God is removed from the situation.


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