FPG Technologies & Solutions Limited Announced As Gemalto Platinum Partner



FPG Technologies & Solutions Limited, an IT Company based in Lagos ,renowned for providing IT Consulting, IT Security, and Infrastructure solutions to various sectors of the Nigerian economy has been announced Gemalto Platinum Partner. This partnership has repositioned the company as one of the robust organization in the country that offers business agility services to corporate organizations.

Speaking on the partnership, Rex Mafiana CEO of FPG Technologies & Solutions Limited states ‘‘protecting our customer’s Digital Identities and Data is a major priority in considering that these are the two major target of malicious cyber actors. Prevention around Data theft is a challenge that faces all sectors of the economy and individuals. With sensitive data residing everywhere, organizations becoming more mobile, and the breach incidents growing, the need for advanced Identity and Data protection solutions has become even more critical. Gemalto and FPG solutions cover all verticals and protect the complete digital service lifecycle. Gemalto is also well-known for its hands-on technical support and seamless technology integrations as its solutions are a cohesive technology ecosystem making it easy to integrate Gemalto with complementary vendors.

He also added that “The Platinum partner status will empower us to serve our customers better with competitive discounts, accelerated time to market, extensive technical support and enable us to engage with customers to adapt their business and security needs to meet the challenges of cloud, mobility, and ever-increasing threats with industry-leading authentication, encryption, and crypto-management solutions and end to end advanced data security solutions”. Organizations can take a data-centric perspective to their security stance, while controlling access to their infrastructure and applications. Organisations can create trust and authenticity on-premises and in public and private clouds, thereby ensuring their transactions and sensitive data are protected and controlled. At FPG, we are totally committed to the next generation of digital security that ensures business agility with confidence’’.

As a platinum partner FPG receives the benefit of receiving the highest level of engagement, commitment and benefits available to Gemalto partners to encourage leadership in the market place. Gemalto works together with Partners to ensure that our mutual customers receive the most innovative products and solutions, the highest quality support, and a superior customer experience.

FPG Technologies would be bringing Gemalto’s expertise in world’s digital transformation by giving data owners more control by combining Digital Identity and Data Protection across the entire digital service lifecycle. Their Solutions protects businesses, governments and individuals from data breaches and identity theft and offers trusted and secure digital services so that customers and citizens can enjoy their digital lifestyles.

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