Debuts In Nigeria, Makes Oversea Schools Admissions Easier

L-R: Mrs Karen Perez, Findadmission Visa Counselor for Canada; Folabi Obembe, Founder of WorldView International - The Company behind Findadmission; Akin Naphtal, CEO, InstinctWave.




Finding schools overseas have always been a Herculean task for parents and guardians. With tons of middle men that always make this a difficult and expensive. FINDADMISSION launch in Nigeria would be changing the course of seeking admission in foreign schools with their web  based portal. That’s where comes in. At FINDADMISSION, our entire team is made up of former international students who have a similar experience.

In the words of Folabi Obembe , the CEO and  Founder of  FINDADMISSION “we eliminate the guesswork that comes with trying to figure out which location or institution offers the course you intend to study. Instead of pounding out Google searches for hours, applying to different institution you just simply enter your information, goals, preferences and upload your academic credentials one time on our site and let it work its magic of getting your invite from institutions that have already checked your profile and guaranteed that you are mostly likely to get an offer if you submit a complete application”  , he said.

This, of course, will save you the hassles of reading through different institutions’ websites. With Findadmission, admission officers from institutions in your chosen destination would have reviewed your profile before sending you an invitation to apply. This means if you make a complete application, you will definitely be accepted to your chosen course.

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Your FINDADMISSION profile allows prospective students to:

  • Make your profile visible to institutions within your budget, study destination and most likely to offer you a place after reviewing your profile to contact you


  • Push the difficult work back to institutions i.e instead of you being the one contacting them, they will be the one contacting you


  • Deal directly with admissions offices and “experts from the institutions so you can ask the questions and find the info that’s most important to you


  • Be notified by email and by SMS whenever institution is interested in your application


  • Get update on scholarships opportunities that you may be qualified for


Countries students can apply to

We have institutions from different countries around the world:

  1. United States of America
  2. United Kingdom
  3. France
  4. Germany
  5. Malaysia
  6. Turkey
  7. Spain
  8. Australia
  9. Canada
  10. And more

Which countries Findadmission is currently operating

  1. Ghana
  2. Nigeria
  3. Cameroon
  4. Ivory Coast

How much does it cost?

The platform is completely FREE for students. However, students have to prove  that they are serious by uploading all their academic credentials. Students can be interviewed on funding as the case may be.


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