Fetish Killings: The Need For Massive Re-Orientation in SOUTH WEST


According to the Vanguard, the report said that “Men of Ogun State Police command have arrested a pastor and three other suspects in connection with the discovery suspected human parts buried inside a church in Ota . ” This is just few days after the scenes of tunnel ritual and kidnapping was beamed life on our television.


Some decades ago, in my state of Anambra ,boys weren’t going to school. There was a cry and a shout that this trend must be stopped. A state wide sensitization was started and today Anambra state is the highest in country in terms of education. This kind of reorientation is what is needed in South West to dissuade people from doing this. We can all achieve this. It only takes a will power and a change of paradigm from the way we think. Fetish tendencies can’t make a region grow economically but planning .

Over 4 cases just this month alone !we have seen about 4 cases of reported fetish killings in South Western part of Nigeria alone. It is either that I the economy is hitting hard or the residents and indigenes within that area isn’t updating their knowledge on work skills. The fact is that with this kind of reports daily, the economic activities are coming to a halt. Parents like me are worried and farmers are worrying if to go to farms or not. Some of the South West indigenes find it hard to visit their various villages because of this also,thereby rubbing off the rural communities the much needed capital that should be repatriated.

Watching channels TV and a suspected kidnapper that was about to be lynched by the mob said,

“Let me talk my mind before I die ,I started kidnapping babies and I go to Abeokuta and Ogun”

The confession of human part dealer . This is terrible and it’s getting too much in South West ( with all due respect to the hardworking ones ) making money isn’t a wishful thing. It’s all about the old way,hardwork ,believe in oneself and faith in God. Not via lotto or rituals . We must change this orientation.

What we must understand is that 8 years from now, the western world will no longer be interested in our crude oil as they are developing electric cars that will rely on greener energy or renewable energy. We must as a matter of urgency think of ways to be relevant in global economy and not going this route. The Rwanda, Kenya and some other African countries are positioning themselves for a knowledge based economy that would be powered in future by Internet of Things (IoT) Artificial Intelligence (AI) cloud computing ,Big Data and others not ritual killings and other fetish things. Africa must evolve and Yoruba in particular must reorient and Nigeria must reposition her dreams.

That is just a short period from now ( 2020 ) now the federal government is on a drive towards developing agriculture to generate revenue.

Now how is Nigeria going to cope with Agriculture in terms of security of the lives of farmers in the bush as more people will work in farms located in the rural terrain. This ritual killings just like the cattle herders ( allegedly of Fulani I tribe )are dissuading farmers from going to farms and this has punctured our drive to food security which we have been battling to attain.

There are human parts traders that is now constituting a larger threat to our Agricultural revolution. The earlier the National Orientation Agency embark on maximum sensitization on the need to acquire skills and jettisoning these obnoxious and antiquated notion of making money the old hard way the better for the country in terms of food security and image. This will drive investments. If these aren’t looked into, a lot of investment will be lost and people would move out of these diabolical tendency prone areas. Fetish money making killings and kidnapping has never and would never be a way to salvage an economy or drive the economy. We understand that the economy is in dire state now,but to be out of the woods requires meticulous thinking and hard work not the fetish path.

Are the South West Region Looking At The Fetish And Kidnapping To Salvage their Economy ?


Tony Chukwuemeka

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