Femi Fani – Kayode Tells The Story Of Funke Fasoranti-Olakunrin



The whole country is worried, the president has condoled and the has promised to fish the killers out. Fani Kayode has commiserated with the family. The vocal critic of the current administration took to his social media to tell the world the life of Funke Fasoranti-Olakunrin and how she is a family woman.

Kayode said , “This is Mrs. Funke Fasoranti-Olakunrin with her daughter, son-in-law, grandaughter, in-laws and other close relatives and family friends. The pictures were taken one week ago in the U.S.A.”

Funke Fasoranti-Olakunrin with family just few weeks ago in USA

He went on and added that “She went there to celebrate her grandaughter’s 1st birthday and these pictures are of that occassion. Little did they know that 1 week later she would be killed by alleged herdsmen in the streets of Ore in Nigeria and that they would never see her again. ”

He commiserated and showed empathy “May her soul rest in peace and may God comfort her father, her children, her grandchildren and every member of her beautiful family. ”

The president of the country has also spoken to the bereaved family and has promised to fish out the perpetuators of this heinous crime. Though the yoruba and the rest of the country are visibly angry I we the unwarranted killings going on in the nation caused by bandits. The president has assuaged Nigerians that this would be a thing of the past and the security infrastructure would be rejigged and upgraded to serve the nation better.

Anthony Emeka Nwosu

Funke Fasoranti-Olakunrin with family just few weeks ago in USA
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