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As the world celebrates the Father’s day, the role is fathers have been diminishing due to a change of narrative , some can look at it from a clear departure from the traditional set up to the modern, the clash of ideology between the modernists and Christians have made it difficult to clearly understand this very important role – fatherhood. But the Bible principle clearly states the role of a father and father figure in any set up. The father is entrusted so many things such as accommodation, provision and emotional stability of the family.

Trust is what sets a Christian father apart from others. It is a mark of truth and confidence bestowed on the person .
Entrusting something into the hands of a Christian is one thing that today’s Christians have failed to heed to. As we are celebrating Fathers Day, many Fathers today has failed in their role as a father. Malachi chapter 6.

A good father keeps inheritance for the children , a cliche that is popular in the christiandom. Can God trust you as a Christian ? Can your neighbor trust you as a Christian? Can the community trust you? In today’s world , Christians have fallen to the temptations of materialism, when Christians get to the politics ,the confidence entrusted on them are squandered !

As we celebrate Fathers Day, let’s take a look at the definition of the term “Father” which according to online dictionary defined it as “a man who exercises paternal care over other persons; paternal protector or provider: a father to the poor. a person who has originated or established something.” This can be a bit rough definition of a father.

“As of now , the world is celebrating the Fathers Day, the question every man would ask himself is ; Are my a father ? Many of us Christian doesn’t understand the importance of been a father. Having married doesn’t make one a father, having kids in or even out of wedlock doesn’t qualify any man as a father ! First thing every woman needs in a marriage is a father figure not even a husband. The average woman wants a man that would shield, protect and support her dreams and that of the children. This is a position that is uniquely bestowed every man that is worth his salt”, said Fred Obetoh

In African context, it is an aberration for a man to depend on the woman for life sustenance! A woman’s role in the society and family is support not the main thing which is to provide. Every man must understand this notion and definition of his role! Also, every Christian must have a father figure in his/her life. People should look up to a some selected set of people as their father figure or role models. Christians must always look up to their Church leaders for source of direction. Though unfortunately, some of these our church “leaders” have failed in their duties as father but not withstanding, the need to for one to have a father figure is imperative for every Christian.

In the secular set up, the man goes out or is expected to go out and look for something for the family. This primary roles puts the Christian man as a provider of the family not the woman! A man doesn’t sit down at home while the woman goes out.

It is expected that a Christian man must always find something legitimate to do and provide for the family as a man. Take it or leave it, the role of a man in a family is been a father, confidante, comforter and provider. This is the true role of a Christian man and every Christian has to subscribe to these narratives. The family must know that the man is the driver and he drives the home !

A good Christian must learn how to listen and not only listening , obeying their fathers be it physical or spiritual is also part of it for instance, when your pastor tells you to do something,please do it.

Also to be a good father, one must be able to take responsibility. This is important to Christians. It’s not all about having kids, it’s all about making the kids that you bring to the world responsible such as good education, feeding and accommodation for the family. It’s isn’t all about the number of kids that you have as a man but how many of them turn out good in the society. This is a yardstick of measuring the responsibility of father.

As a father, there is a need to have a scale of preference and plan. A father plans for for the family’s future and also the expenses. A good father doesn’t show meanness to family nor batter the wife of shout down on the children.

Ephesians Chapter 6 vs 1 – 2 also indicated the obligation of the children to the parents. “Nobody calls a man father unless the man acts like a father. Fatherhood transcends beyond biology , it’s all encompassing”, added Obetoh.


About Faith Festival 2018

Faith Cathedral International Ministry used the Father’s Day to usher in the Faith Festival, an annual festival designed to demonstrate the Faith people have oh God and also show their love to God. A week long event, the event would be all about prayers and praise worshiping. Anointed men of God such as Dr. Muyiwa Odusanya, Dr. Robert Johnson, Bishop Ugar Akwazi and host of others. The host is the General Overseer of Faith Cathedral International Ministry, Fred Obetoh. This year’s festival is themed “Walking In Greatness” and will commence from 18th of June to 22nd of June 2018 at the church premises , 9 Aderele Street , Egbeda Lagos .

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