You can’t deny Aguero is goal machine machine! Never in their history have they been walloped so badly ! After the building of the club by the chosen one , it is expected that Chelsea FC consolidate on whatever that is left or salvage the reputation but with the outing today, this saw Manchester City wallop and almost spell the club seven letter word with six serious zero win! Club management devastated, players heart broken and fans devasted and disoriented.

Fans have taken to social media across the world to vent out their anger . One of the club fans Bora said “I had a really bad day. I was already depressed to my core. I don’t deserve this. Football is my escape from reality. Nothing gives me more pleasure than watching my favorite team win.”

He added “Been supporting Chelsea for 8 years now. It crushes my heart to see my beloved club getting humiliated ever so badly. So much that I’m in tears.”

“Really, a 2-0 loss would have been fine. But not this…not this. Hazard and Kante are the only players (Higuain too in some instances) who’s trying to make an impact in the game. The rest gave up the moment City scored that first goal. Kante isn’t even playing in his preferred position, yet he’s made more tackles than both Jorginho and Barkley combined. Kepa is also sleeping. I don’t even want to waste my time typing about Alonso”, he sounded.

He continue”I’ll love Chelsea till the day I die. But this is not us. This is not the team I fell in love with. Several players are not worthy of wearing the legacy contained in a Chelsea shirt.”

Hesham Delpisheh added that “Sarri needs to go now! He can take his Sarri ball and shove it up Alonso, Barkley, Pedro, Jorginho and take them with him. It’s time for Chelsea Football Club to let the young players show their colours during an entire season. I have never seen anything this disgusting during my 25 years supporting Chelsea.”

John Dean, another Chelsea FC fan said”Slaughtered this is embarrassing. Sarri has taken us as low as we can get he hasn’t got a clue time to go. Don’t think we could be any worse WITHOUT a manager!”

With lots of pent up anger and vexation from the fans all over the world, would Chelsea redeem their image? Would they get some players fired? Would they make a grand come back ? Time would tell but one thing that is certain is that Chelsea FC must try to get their groove back which the Man City has taken from them and also dampened the morale of the club stakeholders.

Anthony Emeka NWOSU

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