No one needs to assess your life…its not anyone’s assignment! – Faith Obika



Sometime in 2015, while I still worked with an IT firm in Abuja, I conducted an interview and one of the candidates turned out to be a face a recognise from my University. So I asked her if she attended my university and she looked at me like ‘Dont you know me?’ I told her her face looked really familiar but am not sure we ever had one on one contact…and I was right about that. It turned out that she was my in another department on my campus and about 2 years my junior. Well that conversation ended. That is not even the story.


The thing is a friend chatted me up in the evening to tell me how a certain lady said I was a really terrible person and because am in a position to hire people am pretending not to know people. She had given her own version of the meeting we had…from her own perspective of course. So my friend started to advise me to be nicer to people. However he confirmed he doesn’t know me to be the kind people said i was so he was surprised. I wanted to tell him what really transpired but I changed my mind and just told him I did not know the girl. And truly I did not know her, she only looks familiar because seen her face around campus.

You see, whether you explain yourself to people or not, they will still talk. Everyone will not like you. Stop proving your life to anyone. Stop showing people what they want to see. Stop trying so hard to show how perfect your life is when you know your life isn’t perfect. Those who know me knows I really do not care about other people’s opinion about me especially when they do not matter. And I will never judge anyone for their actions because am simply not viewing life from their angle and am not in their thoughts.

Everyone is entitled to their opinions so dont make them your worry. No one cares about you like you care about yourself. So put yourself first and let others adjust. You do not owe anyone any explanation. You can not satisfy .. No one is judge over your life so stop trying to give them proves of your existence.

Faith Obika

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