Faith Cathedral Youths Convention: Challenges of A Christian Youth In Today’s World


Faith Cathedral ministry,on 17th September had their Youth Convention 2017. The youths wing known as ” The Heavenly Ambassadors” used the three day convention themed ” Praise , A Way To Say Thanks” to discuss challenges facing the Christian youth today. The youths of the church demonstrated that all hope is not lost and with faith in God, the youth can navigate today’ssociety.


As the society is gravitating between the definition of what is right, to be a gay or a straight, with different sexual leaning gaining grounds today and divorce reaching a record high in today’s society. The youth convention discussed on ways and challenges of true Christian relationship,how to sustain it and work on it.

As a part of the program ,Mrs Winnifred Obetoh, advised the young ladies to always put God first in anything they do and be of support to their future husband. She also used the opportunity to alert the youths that they shouldn’t be carried away with the depiction of marriage in the media but follow the Christian laid down principles .

In a seemingly difficult world today, to decipher good from bad, is one thing that they youths must understand. The lines of what is right and wrong is blurring as the day goes . Having this in mind, the president of the youths wing of the church ,Mr. Daniel, encouraged the youths to show Christlike qualities in them. He encouraged the youths to always show enthusiasm and zeal in the work of God and that of church .

The youth convention was rounded up with talk shows, drama presentation and other wholesome activities at Faith Cathedral Ministry ,Egbeda Lagos .



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