Today’s current realities Christians are very busy with things like work, family, other mundane  affairs and reading the Bible becomes a thing of luxury for many. Having this in mind and looking at the situation, Faith Cathedral Ministries , a church in Egbeda area of Lagos tries to look at the this by  holding an interactive session for their congregations and members of public..

The church used also this medium to address various issues that are bedevilling today’s world .

Topics like jealousy, feminism, tithes, how christian should act in a fast changing world was discussed and made simpler for people to understand in line with the biblical injunctions, using verses as reference points.

The issue of self defense becomes another thing and how we must always look at the biblical injunction and also shouldn’t mix Christianity with stupidity but with love and also awareness.

The issue of tithes was raised and it is a simple thing. It is all about believe system, if you believe in it , fine and if you don’t it is okay. It is said that tithe carries blessing and that is why the devil is attacking it.

Pst. Fred Obetoh  took time to explain the church position on these contentious issue and made the congregation understand this. Though the world is trying to mix this with Christianity but the Bible is clear on the position of homosexuality and lesbianism. The interactive session exposed this and made it clear that any true church is against these anomalies .

Cross section of congregation of the church

On the issue of anger, the Senior Pastor and General Overseer, Pastor Fred Obetoh said that in the Bible Proverbs 14 comes to bare. ” There are few things that have been working for me all over the years and that is smiling even in the face of serious problem. There are times you shouldn’t speak. I have been spat on, I have been so insulted but I can’t act the way they act “, he said.

There are few things that we as a Christians must understand and it is ability to walk away from a volatile situation in order not to escalate it. Most times there are spirit of anger can posses one and if one is not careful he would self destruct.

“I have counselled and prayed for a family that got their property destroyed just because of ₦100 even when the man offered ₦1000 as a form of compensation”, added Obetoh Fred.

We must not give an avenue for the devil to come into our hearts to stay . If we do such, one of the manifestation is anger.

On practical Christianity, the Pastor made it clear that Christian must always work and don’t just pray. It is vital for the church to understand that even if you do the highest praying, you must work and put it in practice. There is no short cut to success.

The man of God tried to explain to Christians to be wary of people that deceive them in the name of Christianity. If any man is truly called by God, he doesn’t need to hoodwink people to give him money or anything. If one is truly called, God would always provide …so why hoodwink people? The church reiterated the need to be focused on Lord.

On the issue of sexual conduct, the church made it clear that sexual relationship should be between married couples only and if the man is fasting , he might not have any sexual encounter with the wife. If the wife insists, there must be a conversation between the couple on how to go about it.

The church also looked at the general behaviours of the Christians and encouraged them to reach out , forgive, anger management, showing love and manifesting Christ in us.

Faith Cathedral International Ministries

Readings for the day
1 Timothy 1 – 4
Proverbs 14
1 Corinthians 7



We must not give an avenue for the devil to come into our hearts to stay … If we do such, one of the manifestation is anger.

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