Business Opportunities in Exporting African Products to Europe


A lot has been said about diversifying the economy to non oil commodities like agro allied products and other essentials, but the snag is that majority of Nigerians have refused to tap into the immense opportunities that abound in this new era. With the availability of ICT tools ,engaging prospects has been made Seamless and easy. Also, the call for entrepreneurship has reached a stage that people must be thinking out of the box. The era of blue collar setups are going and we are ushering in other collar jobs such as IT enabled enterprise.

The other day, a client called me today; she wants me to do some marketing for her website that would be launching soon, and if possible, help with data entry.

We spoke at length and what she revealed, made my ears puff out smoke.

She runs a fashion outfit in Nigeria that only (ONLY) sells Ankara designs and clothing to the U.S.A and some other European countries, and these products Africans in diaspora and other races buy in. It is in demand. Fuelled by our entertainment exports, the need to look like African stars has enabled these demands for anything African . Her outfit rakes in thousands of dollars in revenue monthly from sales. I saw some pictures of customers rocking her dresses and boy were they super-gorgeous and happy in them.

Okay, enough wonder wonder! She is now launching a new platform that would help made-in-Nigeria product manufacturers sell their items abroad. She revealed that she got thousands of emails from clients on her Ankara outfit platform requesting other Nigerian products like Ewedu and Ugu leaves, ponmo, fura, leather slippers and Pam slippers (the ones we call Aba made,forgetting that Nigeria leather is one of the best ), leather hats and other products , including our own local abakiliki and ofada rice and many more.


I was dazed and amazed at how much the Oyibo’s really wanted our locally made products and are ready to pay whatever it costs to get them shipped overseas. She showed me the mails and I was flabbergasted; 50% of their needs are agro-products while the remaining 50% ranged from fashion wares to sculptures to African literature to even charcoal. That’s some serious business there my people. She is actually looking for product sellers with quality 100% made-in-Naija products to register on her platform (which launches in 4 days time) and get paid in dollars when their products are purchased. Logistics is set.

You all know I can’t see such opportunity and not share it with you. If you are interested, please inbox me with your phone number and/or e-mail address so I can get through to you when the platform goes LIVE. Kindly share and or mention a friend you know may need this so that we can spread the word.

Cyprian Emmanuel Okonkwo



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