The Nigerians are such an innovative folks and the young ones are thinking of ways to better the country by being creative and innovative. This was demonstrated at THE PROJECT PITCH which is powered by the Nigerian Business Academy, held at the Protea Hotel Ikeja.

Incubation and innovations where brought to bare. One is the mobile clinic and other solutions where presented. The mobile mobile clinic where Nigerians would be exposed to medical services like the mobile clinic where dental services would be offered. The Start Up was requesting for 3.5 million which was raised and an investor promised to fund it.

Akinwumi Omiyiga ,the founder of looked at human capacity solution and employment.

“What we do is to bridge the communication gap between interns and employers. With over 430 tertiary institutions , ours is to ensure that we have about thirty percent market share”

With two types of interns like the premium interns and free interns with the the hope of raising about 8.6 million naira angel investment.

Onyine Etuniro the founder of Prettyreen a start up that is focused on the food packaging industry . In her world she said that ” We are having a solution that is eco friendly startup that integrate creative designs in packaging solutions. What makes us different is that we are not like the mass printers…we have deployed enhanced Technology with high response time coupled with eco-friendly environment ”

Jessica Ifada from Repay Investment Nigeria discussed disruptive technology and how microcredit is such a big thing to start ups. She talks about how talks about microcredit to Nigeria. Having launched the back to school in January, This has made Nigerians pay school fees early. With machine learning and artificial intelligence, is positioned to change the narrative in the Nigerian financial ecosystem.

Dipe Adediji, the founder of DigitalRig limited ,an ICT firm who was one of the pitchers. Finding business locations and addresses could be tricky in Nigeria, so with his solution, DigitalRig tries solve these problems. The issue of changing locations by businesses has been a major problem in the country and DigitalRig is brushing this with their innovative solutions.

“We are trying to showcase an information portal that allows the Nigerian company to showcase their solutions in a single information portal”, he said.

Hilary Okoronkwo , an electronic payment expert said that their organisation is positioned to make gold as a medium of payment in Nigeria. The Karabars is meant to change the mode of payment in Nigeria.

“Digital currencies have come to stay and we must tell ourselves the truth” said Hilary.

Various segment of the economy was touched. This has shown that people have been thinking out of box.




Anthony Emeka Nwosu

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