Etinosa Idemudia is one lady that is pretty and also creatively talented that is not in doubt. Today she can be termed a sex idol with so many worshippers following her ! She has upgraded and might be our Kim Kardashian of our locality. Taking social media to launch her “celebrity” status, she was seen naked in a life video that went live and as expected viral. Also , MC Galaxy a man in the middle of storm has come out to say that he shouldn’t be blamed. With her nakedness , like usual , blame it on the alcohol maybe Hennessey or Vodka but the truth is that what should have been for privates are not in public domain.

The actress has fired back and said that she is expressive with her body! Etinosa who reacted to troll attacks on Tunde Ednut’s page wrote ‘I am expressive with my body, hypocrites’. This was just before the video went viral this morning. We totally understand that it is your body, it is your life , it is your destiny but what she is yet to understand is that we have young ones watching and what is the image she is creating? With her social media accounts shooting up with over 30,000 visitors who are young ones , now we have nudists in making.

Take it or leave it, it is an indecent exposure and leave alcohol out of this! Once in a while, we go clubbing and we have binges. Sometimes we drink to stupor, a stupid habit we do when we party hard but we don’t go showing our nakedness to the public ! We don’t do that in life camera as we don’t threaten people when they tell us to stop! So let’s forget the alcohol.

Nigeria is a moralistic society with Christians and Muslims running amok and holding sway , the need to behave and conform with the dictates of these religions and that of Africa is understandable. Africa value morality unlike West but our morality seems to be in the other way other way round because I don’t see anything morals about Politicians stealing money that is meant for people or having a stolen mandate to rule or rigging elections glaringly! Is Africa moralistic yes but cherry picking the morals .

The questions that we should be asking is that ; is her nakedness within the ambit of the law? Oh yes, we have nudists or naturalist! They enjoy going naked! We also have people that are called exhibitionist! These are people with psychological impairment that enjoys exhibiting their sexuality and privates public as we also have people that are expressionist! These people would use any means be it nakedness , body arts etc to express themselves. We are yet to categorise Etinosa on this but one thing we can’t take away is that she is a talented actress and pretty one. If she is okay with it that is her life but is the society okay with it

A male dominated society that women are mostly blamed for wrong doings. MC Galaxy a man that is in the middle of storm or do we say hurricane is not talked about ! Oh women sexuality sells and it seems that the Galaxy of a dude is a flash in a pan musician struggling to get his groove back musically speaking after “Sekem” and it is likely that this saga would put him back in the map! But another question is , why did he not put of the video to save himself of the whole drama? Why did he not warn Etinosa in clear manner? Is he a pervert ? Is he a voyeuristic? Voyeuristic folks enjoys watching others nakedness. Relating to or denoting sexual pleasure gained from watching others when they are naked or engaged in sexual activity. So we are trying to place Galaxy in one of the aforementioned class but one thing that is sure is that he is an up coming artiste trying to find his feet in the ever changing musical space.

As we get used to modernity and Social Media, we are getting used to nudes and sex tapes flying around making it seems normal but that isn’t right. As a parent there is need to get worried. With religious houses scattered around the place yet we have immorality hit the rooftops and sexuality just to be bought with a fadden or a penny! The truth is that we have to be careful on how we adapt, copy and trend ! We are still in Africa and we have better things to worry about such as infrastructure, economy, bad leadership and above all trying to come to the realities of the fact that Nigeria is a country that should be in league of advanced nations not worried over the nakedness of a girl that choose to go naked to up her career. That shouldn’t even be the issue that we must be bothered but how we can always our leaders deliver on the dividends of democracy which they have failed to deliver over the past two decades.

Anthony Emeka Nwosu




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