Etche Women In Rivers State Protest Herdsmen Destructions Of Their Farms (Pictures)



The women of Umuasukpu community in Imeh – Igboh – Etche in Etche Local Government Area of Rivers State on a peaceful protest against the invasion and destruction of the farm crops by the Fulani herdsmen and their cattle.

Two days ago a young man known as Occasion boy or Mmehola was allegedly shot with bow and arrow by herdsman grazing cattle in his farm when asked them to leave his farm.

For over three years and counting, the Fulani herdsmen has made life unbearable for the women. After suffering to cultivate their farm lands the herdsmen will come with their cattle to eat up the crops.

Today the women whose only livelihood is farming decided to let the world know what they going through in the hands of the cattle readers. According to them, they no longer go to farm for fear of being molested by this heartless herdsmen. They said, their safety are not guaranteed in their fears have heightened even in their own community, as they are molested by the herdsmen, their daughters raped and their sins and husbands being attacked beaten up if they question the herdsmen grazing their cattle on their cultivated farm lands.

The women therefore requested the herdsmen to leave their land in peace so the could farm and make a living.

Princewill Emejuru

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