Onitsha is the next big thing in Southern Nigeria! After the two cities of Lagos and Port Harcourt, Onitsha is another city in Southern Nigeria that is very prosperous and has expanded so much that folks are finding it hard to know the boundary! The people of greater Onitsha would have a place to relax and watch movies as Rainbow Cinemas opens shop in the commercial city.

Speaking on the event , Gwen Ifyson, a resident of Onitsha has this to say “This is unique, distinct and great. We now have our own cinema by a company who started out in Onitsha. It wasn’t imported from outside the state. ”

She added that “I still believe that the transformation of this city to overcome its docile stereotype will be undertaken by patriots within. Onitsha remains our home”

Onyedịkachukwu Anambra added that “I must laud Rainbow film for taking the risk and bold step to set up a cinema in Onitsha, For years I have been wondering about whether investors are not seeing the opportunity owing to the fact that Onitsha is an economic city with high populace of people with cash”

On relationship with neighbouring town of Asaba, he added that “Asaba that is a small city with low economic activities when compared with Onitsha has been hosting two booming cinemas which 60% of patronage originates from Onitsha, presently the investors just need the government of Anambra State to help in boosting the security inside Onitsha city to enable people move freely without fear at night.”

Rainbow can be said to be the first Cinema to open in Onitsha after over 30 years!The cinema, Rainbow Cinema, is set to open at the Onitsha Mall.

According to Onitsha City Online “After the closure of the Broadway Cinema, Old Market Road Onitsha in the 1980s, Onitsha had yearned for a filmhouse which was not forth coming. The populace had resulted to seeing movies in nearby Asaba. ”

This new cinema is expected to bring back social life lost in the city and add to the GDP of the state and the city that houses the biggest market in sub Saharan Africa.

Anthony Emeka Nwosu

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