In a world that is full of choices and a whole lot of things jostling for attention from the average Christian, there is a high tendency to loose focus and this situation has a way of making the Christian to fall out of sync with the laid down rules of Bible…this is the time for the strong willed Christian to say “enough is enough.”

*Anointing Service, 7th July, 2019.*
*Speaker: Rev Fred Obetoh*
*Theme: Enough is Enough*
*Text: Lamentation 4:1-2*

A good Christian would ask; How did things get so bad and Christians he is not aware? How did he get there? Was he busy chasing shadows, pursuing money or carrying overload? Has demurrage weighed him down? These critical questions should act as a fulcrum for him to come back in sync with the biblical injunctions.

One thing of note is that ;while we’re busy chasing money, things are happening in the realm of the spirit. What will scatter these four horns, if not the Carpenter?

Alertness is the key here because the devil is smart to create diversion for many who aren’t observant. Christians have to be wise, because the devil does not pursue his own. If you’re a true Christian, then know that the devil is your enemy. He is a thief that comes to steal, to kill and to destroy. The wicked will do something bad and quietly leave the scene. He sowed tares while God’s children slept.

As a popular cliche goes “You don’t need to wrestle with a pig, because you run the risk of getting your apparel dirty. ” This can be demonstrated by the level of temptation that every Christian faces on regular basis. Let’s take for instance, If someone throws a stone at you, put the stone under your feet, and continue piling them up. Such boulders will serve as stepping stones that will elevate you. People only talk about successful people, “Remember, people throw stones only at trees that bear fruits.”


1. Postponement: why must your blessing be postponed? Why must your marriage, house, car be postponed till next year? Then, when next year comes there’s another postponement.

2. Delay/Denial: when on a queue and you’re the fifth person, why would they attend to the four people before you and stop the process when it gets to your turn? When Daniel prayed, the prince of Persia withheld his answers until Angel Michael battled him (Daniel 10:13). For 38 years, a man said whenever the water is troubled, there’s no man to put him into the pool (John 5:7).

Can you define poverty? A poor man is a man without ideas.

There are some powerful elements that rule countries. They dictate to the Presidents what to do. (If there be a force causing delay in your life, that force is broken in Jesus’ name).

Take for instance; Why must you marry at age 23 and give birth at age 45? That’s a spirit of delay. There is an error. Bugatti is meant for young guys, so why should you buy yours at old age? That is delay.

3. Procrastination: why suspend what you can do today till tomorrow? God told Pharaoh to let His people (Israelites) go, but Pharaoh delayed them. God told him he will kill him (Pharaoh) and his firstborn. Put God first in everything you do. Do not forget God. Put God before your job and you will not run into trouble.

If you’re placed on a life support (Oxygen), the hospitals could charge you as much as N4,500 per hour (N108,000 per day) an old cost of oxygen from 2016. Can you then pay for the breath God gave you since you were born? Can you ever pay God?

3. Opposition: as a Christian, you have to be smart. The greater the opposition, the greater the position. The position you aspire to be will bring a whole lot of opposition, but you need to be well positioned to fight this opposition. Whatever you allow on earth is allowed in Heaven. What you bind on earth is bound in Heaven. If you allow that illness, it will remain to torment you daily. Some people carry doctor’s report about just so people can sympathise with them. Until Uzziah died, Isaiah never God. That is opposition. Where there is a Herod, there must be a Hero.

4. Shame: Jesus saw the daughter of Abraham with infirmities, with her head bowed. A daughter of Abraham is not supposed to walk with her head bowed. She’s supposed to walk with her head raised high. When Jesus healed the daughter of Abraham, some people got angry. Not everyone that laughs with you is your friend. The woman was with them in the synagogue for years, yet they did not want her to be healed.

5. Jealousy: it is a terrible force that Christians are overlooking. Jealousy is bad and should not be allowed to thrive amongst Christians. Why did Cain kill Abel? So many worshippers bring Satan to Church because they are not free. They pretend a lot. Remember the scripture – Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus (Philippians 2:5). The Holy Spirit only comes when people speak in one accord.

We must work out our salvation with fear and trembling, and not just saying we are Christians. Romans 10:9 admonishes us to declare our salvation with our mouths. Salvation did not start on the cross; it begins in our mouths.

We do not have to walk about with your head bowed down, when you know you did not commit any offense. If two shall agree concerning a thing, it shall be established (Matthew 18:19). A change must come now!!! A change has come!

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