eNigeria 2016:Scarcity of Cyber Security Experts Worries Nigeria Government



The need to develop a cyber ecosystem security has been a topic at the present e Nigeria event that was recent conducted at the international conference centre … There has been calls for a cyber resilience strategy and practices. Practise like how should we have our selves protected and what type of coding do we need.  Any innovation that is being introduced in Nigeria, there must be tasting of that system .


The issue of Nigeria cyber security report was analysed and it as said that Nigeria has about 1,500 information security professionals which is a far cry from 75,000 cyber security professionals that is being required by the international standards. Nigeria loses about 550 million USD to cyber security breach annually . Said  Mr.Ajibola.
Most of the attacks are not coming outside but inside the organisation. Mobile device are been targeted. The issue if data and enforcement has been on the issues and inform organisation on what to do when they are being attacked. The issue of orientation is one way to curb cyber security. Individuals and organisations must know what to have in the cyber security. The issue of security update and audit must always be looked into.

The need to look at collaboration and ICT security competencies access Africa is important. Incorporating ICT security ecosystem in governance is very important for a great cyber security in Africa . Countries are encouraged to collaborate with one another on the issue of cyber security. The need to have these security built in Africa had been advised. This will build competence n Africans and also have the money generated stay in Africa.
Mrs Udom of Ministry of Technology said that ICT should be able to bring women put of poverty. In her words

” when you see a woman that is ICT compliant, there is this impact that ICT has on the overall wellbeing of. The household because the woman has access to information and can take decision easily. Apart from decision taking ,we have gone further to ensure that Nigerian women are engaged into ICT business ,we take them from youth and we try to demystify ICT.”

With the NGO coming together and government doing a lot in sensitisation has done a lot in bringing out the girls to enjoin ICT. There is an effort to demystify ICT to women…there is so many areas that technology will assist the women to have a better side, said Mrs Udom.


Women are over sixty percent of the population and the country can not afford to relegate women to the background .

On the part of government, NITDA is building capacity in this area of cyber security. NITDA has brought oversea expertriates on how to identify attacks by Nigerian ministries. At NITDA there is computer emergence network attack team,this where attacks are monitored and reported. This will identify and share information on attacks ,said Vincent Olatunji of NITDA

eNigeria is an ICT exhibition/conference where industry stakeholders come together to deliberate on way forward for the country. This year’s stakeholders like CEO of MainOne,Funke Opeke, Leo Stan Eke of Zinox Computers and the Vice President of Nigeria,Prof Osibanjo were the dignitaries that graced the occasion.
Leveraging on IT Innovations for Economic Diversification by  Prof A. S. Sambo, was the Keynote Address at the 9th e-Nigeria Conference and Expo.
Anthony Nwosu

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