My Encounter With The Woman Selling African Salad & Our Attitude to Basic Hygiene


My Encounter With The Woman Selling African Salad & Our Attitude to Basic Hygiene

I advised her to find something — maybe a transparent polythene or plastic — to cover the Abacha as to keep it healthy and neat but she scoffed at me in that manner of “oversabi, abeg, make we hear word”.

She asked me, “so, why won’t I leave it open?”

“There are micro organisms you can’t see flying into this Abacha”, I replied.

She scoffed at me again with some insulting lines and kept a straight face, while leaving the Abacha open. The Abacha seller — a combination of want, sauciness and dirtiness, I understood why some rich people have no pity for the poor and less privileged. Some people in want could actually be most wicked than those who are not. I counted about four ladies who came to patronize her while we waited to board. Alas, they have no idea what the poison they eat in the name of Abacha!

Chijioke Ngobili

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