My Encounter With A Nigerian Travelling To Vietnam


On the plane from Lagos to Doha,the young man that sat behind me kept straining his neck to watch my IFE TV screen.He was trying to watch the flight path map.I got up and tried to show him how to switch to the same channel.His kit won’t work so I asked the passing flight attendant if he could sit next to me as the seat was vacant.Yes,no worries.

He sat next to me and I tuned him in.He watched us fly over Libya,into the Mediterranean and on to Greece, Turkey,Syria,Iraq in ecstasy.I was pointing out the new route and explaining the world to him.We spoke in Igbo and in whispers throughout to minimise chances of anyone eavesdropping on us.

He was going to Obodo Oyibo for the first time This is his first flight out of Nigeria.He got a 3 months visa to Vietnam and was ecstatic.He sold everything in his shop and threw a farewell party in his room at Onitsha.

He doesn’t understand why I felt so sorry for him.Why not rejoice with me?He asked.As the experienced elder that I am,I gave him my number and put him through the connecting flight to Ho Chi Minh city.

He called to inform me the next day that he landed safely and we have been chatting on WhatsApp.He is still so thankful that he met me on that plane.Nobody would have told him the truth.

By the grace of our ancestors,his family may raise enough money to send to him this month.He changed his mind about staying back in Vietnam on a 3 months business visa.He needs the money to buy clothes he can resell in Nigeria.

Our ancestors forbid that he comes back empty handed.His girlfriend have already sent multiple requests for “only 500 dollar”.She said she expected him to hammer in 2 weeks.

The answer is simple.Do not enter Obodo Oyibo with a “visit visa” and plan to overstay.It is equivalent to suicide or even worse in some cases.Sambisa would be better in most cases.

Obodo Oyibo is not paradise!Forget the Facebook pictures your friends post.They are 90% faked or hyped!There are millions of Americans living on food stamps.They would starve if it is withdrawn.See the poor and homeless abroad and stop the delusions. If you have a life in Nigeria,try very hard to build on it!

Mbe Nwaniga


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