Emeka Ihedioha, The Clean Up & The State of Affairs in Imo State – Ugo Fininan



For the avoidance of doubt, the emergence of Chief Emeka Ihedioha as governor of Imo state was a sign of the total rejection of the Okorochas and whatever they represents.

I personally was privy to a number of times APC leaders pleaded with Okorocha to choose anyone else for the position of APC Gubernatorial candidate outside of his son inlaw, even if it was his adopted son Hon Chike Okafor who was a NASS member, but Okorocha insisted on Uche Nwosu his son inlaw or no one else, even as he was running for senate the same time. In fact Okorocha once said and I quote him “ha nile a na azo governor a, onye ga estepuru ibe ya down? None. ..owu otua ka Uche ga eshi ebeat ha nile..”

I knew his fate was sealed then. I also knew then that the next popular party with just a little more cohesion would clinch it. And to think Okorocha almost came close to getting it with his son inlaw pulling almost same votes as Ihedioha and having more spread in the LGAs in Imo which has kept the possibility of re-run dangling and which is why Governor Ihedioha has made the most far reaching & all inclusive political appointments Imo has ever seen in years. Smart right?

I will not be surprised if Gov. Ihedioha has started believing that his popularity and that of his Mbaise people made him governor of Imo state. Politicians begin to see a larger than life image of themselves as soon as they mount power. They start to discover the so many uncommon powers hidden inside them yet untapped.

Before his minions will come for me, I’ll like to remind them that the same Chief Ihedioha contested for governor of Imo state as a sitting deputy speaker of the National Assembly with all the paraphernalia of office in PDP in a PDP led federal government and he lost. Close political watchers in Imo knew how & why he lost and that is the main thrust of this post. People do not change, they only adapt.

Hon Ihedioha counted so much on his connections as deputy speaker to win the governorship in 2015, that “results” of his own election were ready days before the election. List of political appointments were ready, up to the position of the Vice Chancellor of Imo State University as well as all the state owned institutions and organizations, and as expected, they were all populated with his Mbaise kiths and kins. The people kicked and kicked. It was water off the back of the tortoise. And then Jonathan fell, PDP fell and the center could no longer hold. The rest was history.

Today, Governor Ihedioha is making all inclusive appointments, touching every nook and cranny. Leaning towards areas he needs more support. Showing good leadership examples. Unlike Okorocha who went to Orlu LGA when he won his first tenure and was told the DAGS is in charge of the local government and he asked them what is DAGS. He knew nothing about administration. His stuff was business and moneybag politics. Ihedioha is an administrator. He knows his onion. He is smart too. But we know who he is. I personally do no expect any change when he finally stands on his two feet. People don’t change.

The few people who knew Okorocha did not expect any change. They kicked and shouted but their voices were drowned in the echoes and chants of “Here comes the Messiah of Rochas foundation, the father of the fatherless”. Their groups in Abuja and Lagos all know that most foundations are scam. They are funnels for International beggie beggie. Rochas learnt it, set up shops and perfected it. He landed in Imo with the mindset of an auctioneer but we saw a messiah. He bit and bit, sucked more blood and blew more breeze.

Now Ihedioha wants to clean up after Okorocha. But it will be political suicide to clean up quietly. He knows this. The evil was dastardly and brazen. Humongous debts, highways done by labourers and charged for double, bridges without rods.

People are shouting “Ihedioha get to work!”

Stop counting what Okorocha did not do right. But they don’t understand that the cost of “destroy and rebuild” is most times double of the cost of only building. To get to work, he has to scrap the poor foundations. And that’s a lot of work, and a lot of money. He is smart. He is everywhere showing the poor foundations. So that when the numbers come it. They will look good and it will look like a PDP number.

He is doing well so far. In administration and publicity. Instead of gathering untrained social media urchins and pay that 30k a month like Okorocha did, He parleys with social media influencers from Lagos and Abuja, with wider coverage and bigger followership. He understands the trend. But we know people hardly change.

In all, we are happy…that our collective patrimony was not passed from father to son. Else we would have hid our faces in shame and not raise our voices where men talked.

Ugo Finian


Today, Governor Ihedioha is making all inclusive appointments, touching every nook and cranny. Leaning towards areas he needs more support.




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