Ekwusigo – Nnewi South Road In Anambra is an Embarrassment


Anambra state is one state that has paved ways for the Indigenes and settlers. Roads are one thing the state is known for and the state takes pride in that but it isn’t Uhuru. The state has serious deficit in roads and these are critical roads that the state government seems to have forgotten and it is putting dent on the amiable Governor Willie Obiano’s strides !

A particular road that has been left undone is in Nnewi South local government from the Amichi – Ichida road which is untarred ,though it is on the budget as speculated by the locals and they are hoping that the state government alliviates their plight ! According to a chat with a resident of the village which borders the industrial town of Nnewi , Obinna Ekwueme , he said ” It has been said that the Amichi – Ichida road which is critical to the developmemt of the town is in budget and we hope that the road would be tarred as Willie has said ” .

Another critical road that is left undone is this ( in the picture ) This deplorable road is linking two local governments in Anambra, Nnewi south and Ekwusigo. It is known that the present governor Mr. Willie Obiano has made tremendous strides in the area of infrastructure, we consider this road an embarrassment to the state and the people of Anambra and hope that the state government looks into this !

Emeka Nwosu
Photo credit ( Onyedika Anambra )


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