EHORECON to strengthen manpower development-Registrar


The Registrar, Environmental Health Officers Registration Council of Nigeria (EHORECON) Dr Dominic Abonyi has disclosed that the Council is poised at creating competent manpower development in the profession of Environmental Health.

He stated this when the Nigeria Academy of Environmental Health Sciences (NAEHS) paid a courtesy visit on the Registrar in Abuja.

Dr Abonyi said the Council had never stopped to supporting the Academy, particularly in the area of organising training, according to the Registrar ‘’We are a Council that likes collaborating seriously and the last time we supported conference organised by the Academy was in 2006’’ he enthused.

He however, advised the Academy not to assume the position of the institute on training rather both the Council and the Academy should look in the direction of research findings, issue of establishment of chair in the University.

On the area of declassification of the Environmental Health Officers from technicians, technologist and other group, the Registrar posited that the Council is critically looking at that direction and it would soon take a position in due course.

In his remarks, the President of the Nigeria Academy of Environmental Health Sciences (NAEHS) Prof Agwu N. Amadi who led a 3-man-Commitee of the executives of the association enumerated a number of collaborative efforts with the Council among which are: Quality enhancement of Professionalism, Council performance standard and host of other collaborative efforts.

Prof. Amadi further requested from the Council, assistance in the Core objectives of Academy such as Research and Training, Finance and Infrastructure development.

Those present at the meeting were Prof. Henry Sawyer of the Kwara State University and Prof. Mynepalli Sridhar and Council’s management team.

Kehinde A. Openibo

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