Duo Resto: Bringing The Finest Culinary Experience in The Capital City of Awka



Fine wines, fine foods , Amazing folks, good ambience & courteous staff are hallmarks of fine dining and Duo Restaurant which recently opened in the Capital City of Anambra has this all. Poised to change the way folks in the city wine as done, Duo opened shop lately.

Well…this weekend, something good came to Awka. A super deluxe place known as Duo Restaurant opened yesterday in Awka. It is tucked perfectly away behind Lounge 24. And there’s so much excitement in the air.

Well…it is easy to understand the excitement. Duo is the first intercontinental restaurant in Anambra State. But it is not just a restaurant; Duo is also an upscale lounge that was tastefully crafted to meet the silent cravings of the emerging middle class in Awka and environs.

Everything about Duo was prefigured, every line on the wall, the slight opening of the window; they were all chiselled out to fit the central motif of the place. The beguilingly simple furniture, the creative use of space, the intricate weaving of choice wood panels onto the walls, the masterful crafting of the bar and finally the carefully chosen waiters and waitresses, are all a clear sign that Duo does not leave anything to chance.

And take this…there is no doubt that Duo made a deliberate effort to set itself apart from the rest. A first time visitor cannot miss the strong feeling that Duo is for ndi odogwu. The ambience will easily tell anyone who strays into Duo that they are in the wrong place.

And so, speaking excitedly about Awka’s swankiest watering hole, George, the Manager declared “We are bringing a new civilization to the food industry in Anambra State. What we have here is different from what you see in Awka, Enugu or even Warri. Since we opened today, it has been so far so good. We have e joyed a lot of patronage. We exceeded our open-day expectations. We are happy. It is not like we are in Abuja or Lagos or even Port Harcourt. But the response is great.”

According to him, so many people doubted the wisdom of their decision to open Duo in Awka. But all the anxieties are over now. “Everyone asked ‘what are you doing in Anambra?’ And when I tell them ‘intercontinental restaurant,’ they would be like ‘really? You guys are brave.’ But it is all about adventure. It is not easy but we have to try.”

Recalling his first visit to Awka in 2013, Geroge said the city had completely changed since then. “I was around for three months. That period, Awka was not developed as it has now. I’m very impressed with the rapid development of the city. Believe me, it looks like the major cities now. It is developing very fast and we thank the governor for that. He is doing a good job. Really, I’m very excited. From what I’m seeing in this place, I think we made the right decision to come here. Anambra people love their home towns. They are always everywhere. And they can show you the light.”

Well…I think Duo is here to stay. I think Duo is here to serve. I think Duo is ready to takeover. And this is why…as my friend and I began to enjoy our tasty meal of rice and a sprinkle of seafood, a svelte waitress who had observed us silently gently sidled over and asked, “are you guys enjoying the food?” I turned and looked at her stunned. The last place a waiter had asked me if I was enjoying my meal was at Dulles Airport, Washington DC in 2010, where had sat, hunched over coffee with the respected novelist, Helon Habila, while I waited for my flight to Houston.

Well…Duo has impressed me. Perhaps, quality customer service has come to Awka. Perhaps, finally, the big cats in the city now have a perfect hideaway to spend their evening. Perhaps!

James Eze

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