StartConFest Business: Tony Onuk ,Hanson Johnson  Roothub and Global Air Media Brings Drone Technology Closer


Drones also known as unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is becoming popular in today’s world. A military technology used for warfare, drones today have  been effectively deployed in civilian space effectively. Used in various industries such as traffic monitoring, surveillance even delivery which is far from it’s initial origin – military  reconnaissance. This technology has been brought to bare in Uyo, the capital city of Akwa Ibom state.

Roothub, a Nigeria incubation center brings the immense possibilities of this technology -drone.  In  collaboration with United States based Global Air Media in an event known as  StartConFest Business.

Tony Onuk, one of the facilitators of the even  said that “The Drone technology workshop had  The RootHub main hall filled! It was exciting to see Lawyers, Doctors, communicators and tech enthusiasts embrace the core principles of drone technology. “

He also added that “The workshop was facilitated by United States based Global Air Media’s @enoumoh and featured a business plan competition with a pitching component to drive home the knowledge gained as well as implement to solve local problems”, he concluded.

The excitement and satisfaction of understanding the workshop was impressive  as the hall spewed forth great ideas from the participating audience and the proffered the best ways this technology can be deployed in Nigeria to meet the peculiar need of the country.

Drone can be described as an unmanned aerial vehicle, commonly known as a drone, is an aircraft without a human pilot aboard. This craft can be controlled remotely and vary in sizes.

Consistently, Uyo and Akwa Ibom is becoming the start up capital of Southern Nigeria, diversifying from oil and gas to ICT. Uyo City has created an enabling environment for technology minded firms and individual to thrive. With many incubation hubs such as StartInnovation Hub, Roothub and others berthing in the city.Uyo hosts StartConFest.

#StartConFest Business, Technology, and Creative Festival is the annual gathering of industry players and leaders who are passionate about the start-up business ecosystem within the Country.

Anthony Emeka  Nwosu

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