Reuben Muoka, Head Public Relations, Nigerian Communications Commission represented Tony Ojobo, Director Public Affairs on day 2 of the Digital PayExpo event June 6, 2018, and delivered a perspective paper: Drive Towards Digital Economy: The Journey So Far.

Ojobo in his conclusion and summary of the presentation stated that “Digital economy is an inevitable phenomenon of the growth potentials of the dynamic ICT industry to which economies and nations of the world cannot resist. The biggest economies of the world are pursuing it with more vigour, and nations like Nigeria, with an internationally acclaimed telecom regulator, has not been left out in this pursuit.”

•“Digital economy is the worldwide network of economic activities, commercial transactions and professional interactions that are enabled by information and communications technologies (ICT)” (TechTarget).

•“It’s the economic activity that results from billions of everyday online connections among people, businesses, devices, data, and processes”(

He also noted that the Digital Economy is the driving force of change and innovation for any nation that aspires to succeed. He further stated that national growth and development is seen to be intertwined with ICT literacy/ growth and the deployment of Broadband as this enables the evolution of innovative applications which present opportunities for growth, development and employment.

the genesis of the idea of a Digital Economy can be traced to the meeting of the G20 Group in Guangzhou, China, in September 2016, where leaders and think tanks concluded that the future of nations will be driven by ICT and broadband technologies. It was at this meeting that priority areas were highlighted for the digital economy to strive on: expand broadband access and improve quality; Promote Investment in ICT Sector; Support entrepreneurship and promote digital transformation; Encourage e-commerce cooperation; Enhance digital inclusion; Promote development of MSMEs, Ojobo noted.

It will be noted said Ojobo, that the strategic Vision Plan encapsulated by the 8-Point Agenda of Management of NCC is to key into the Digital economy framework and the flagship of the 8-Point Agenda is Broadband.

Digital economy is Internet economy. Availability, accessibility and affordability, of Broadband and, Nigeria’s target is to achieve 30% penetration of broadband by end of 2018. Currently, we have achieved 22 percent broadband penetration as reported by ITU/UNESCO Broadband Commission.

The event concluded with a session of lively questioning and interaction and response to the press.

Culled from NCC

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