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In  a fast moving world, Nigeria inclusive. The need to communicate, engage and  socialize has become an art and also increasingly difficult for folks.This has led to attendant challenges for individuals today. The adoption of social media-lifestyles , a lot of Nigerians have forgotten the need for natural socialization and leaning on the softwares and mobile application that we use on our everyday gadgets to socialize. Though, this has brought people together, most often we end up seeing intimate strangers as either partners , lovers or even bedfellows.  This is what “THE GOLDEN OLDIES “ an event meant to correct the way we live, socialize and engage others.

As an advocacy and interventionist  group, THE GOLDEN OLDIES  will bring forth to bare the experiences gotten  over the years in the areas of health and fitness, medical and wellness and emotional stability. This event has been designed for the busy working class people. The is a burning need to solve problems in homes/business/career/ health because for me these are the four major area that is killing the emotions of many Nigerians. With all experiences as a HEALTH CONSULTANT and other areas.

The young ones and those of the fresh school leavers are not left out, there will be a section targeted at; Finding careers, Finding Jobs and also Finding partners. TOP INDUSTRY LEADERS who have killed relationships and hidden their EMOTIONS to be where they are; so are you in following categories;

  • A focus and intelligent risk bearer
  • A quiet and reserved loyal employee and employer
  • A kind hearted and down-to-earth believer
  • A lionhearted and result driven personnel

On Air Personalities like Lepacious Bose and other professionals will be on the spot to offer consultations in the areas of Jobs, Career, Finding Partners etc.  Be part of this epoch making event, It is time to prepare for a sustainable future.

Date :JULY 29TH


Time: 9AM.

WhatsApp 08171974051 for more details



Funmi Olusoga

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