The DNA Trap: A Lesson From My Story


By Chima Okereke


As a “young single man” in 2006, Surulere Lagos, I was handsome(I’m not sure if I’m handsome now but I think I am, still or may be not), I was approached by an acquaintance, she told me someone wanted to talk to me, a female. I said okay. Then I figured, you never know providence, because I was ready to marry any one from any part of the world. In short, I was open to any divinely provided wife.
A paragon of beauty, a lady in every physical sense walked in. I knew it was her, she was below 30 and I never suspected she was married. She silently walked up to me and sat down. It was at a fast food. The lady had this charm about her, she was smart, no introduction, no chit chats, no drinks. They were discreet about it, she never called me, I did not have her number but my acquaintance told me what to wear and that someone will meet me. And that I am safe. Then those who knew me understand that I do not wear wrist watches(till date), then I only wear nurses’ watch. That day I did not wear my usual nurses watch for obvious reasons. And I wore dark shades.

You see from the arrangement I knew my visitor needed to hide her identity. So I too hid my identity. Hollywood films help many times. Those films open your eyes to certain things our environment will not teach you. We learn a lot from Hollywood. Life saving tips.


So she came in, one of the most beautiful women I have seen. Tall, chocolate and smooth-talking. Her voice was sexy! She went straight to the matter and the direction of the conversation shocked me. She wanted me to get her pregnant and she is married! I nearly jumped up, I nearly spilled my drink. I looked at her like an alien. I wanted to take off. You may wonder why. In our lineage, there are things that any member of our family must not do and intentionally sleeping with a married woman is the first on the list and the penalty is death! It is death no matter how many pastors that prayed for you, you will die. Before I could say something, she told me that she is not asking for a relationship or attachment but that she discovered that her husband cannot get any woman pregnant. She told me that her mother in law told her! She was blunt, from her expression, she loved her husband. I saw a confused woman who wanted to solve a big problem.

She made an offer that many young men today will most likely not reject. My mind raced round the offer and what I would achieve with it. I remembered what the money will do in my filmmaking business. I remembered the part of Lagos I would live instead of Surulere. A lot raced through my mind and I was confused. A inner voice said, “Chima, count 10”. Count 10 is a technique I learnt to allow me have a clear mind. I count 1 to 10 before I say, respond or take action. So I told her I would think about it. I saw she wanted it fast.

While I was going, I thought about the offer. I thought to myself, why do you let this opportunity slip off? She will find another person and he will do it and you are a loser! I thought about what I will do. I thought about the sweetness of the intercourse, the orgasms. Boy with that extremely beautiful chocolate tall woman. My my, I was thinking and going home. I cancelled where I was going, so I can go and think! In fact one tiny(satanic) voice called me “idiot” for not saying yes immediately.

I got to my Mini flat(that was not well furnished, I looked around and thought of what her money can do to take me from this small place to a bigger better place. I thought about it. I remembered some actors, fellow filmmakers and young men, I heard were really gigolos and they have not died. I wanted to diplomatically ask my father if there are exceptions to the rules. But I could not. That night I wrestled with myself. I remembered that I just finished my Masters program at University of Ibadan and needed to step up. Then I also remembered that I am an ONLY SON! So I remembered I am Catholic. I tried to see if I can hide under that place in the bible(I am not a pastor to know where now) where God was angry with a man for not providing a child for his brother through the wife. In fact he was “killed” by God for spilling his sperm! I rolled and rolled and rolled. I asked one question, Is it a sin to provide smiles to a family? Oh Chima remembered that beautiful chocolate face. I remembered her natural endowments. I understood when someone I blamed on how he got entangled with two ladies he “loved”, said to me, “Chima don’t pray for temptation to come”. Then the mother of all questions came, what if as an only son, you get her pregnant and that child happens to be the only child God wants you to have? I could not sleep. What if you do it and you die? Are you sure her husband knows about this? What if it becomes known by circumstances that I am the biological father? I rolled and rolled till morning. I did not pray about it. I could not. Who prays for something like that knowing that you are about committing a “special kind of sin”. I did not want to involve God in this one.

Then morning came and I had made up my mind on what to do. My phone rang and my acquaintance wanted to know my answer to the proposal. I did not want to hurt the beautiful lady. I simply told her that my fiancée, I really did not have any fiancee or did I? Any way I told her my fiancee did not approve it. She thanked me for listening and that was it.
Now, imagine if you are her husband.

Imagine if you have no idea that you are shooting blank. Imagine when you realize that in your quest to nail an unfaithful woman, you actually find out that you are sterile.
What if you open a pandora box that will haunt you till the rest of your remaining life?

Would you want to take back the hands of time in order not to go for the DNA?
Like my guilty friend said, “Chima, most of us have children and we don’t know”.
So I look back 11 years ago and think, what if I did it and something happened and her husband finds out? What would he do? Commit suicide? Kill his wife?
What about me, after getting her that child(den), how safe will be?

Don’t just go for DNA, think about it.
If the DNA hurricane starts blowing, are we really ready?

Your answer is as worst as mine.

Chima Okereke
A Femini-Centric Filmmaker and Coordinator Footprint of Love GCD Foundation




 I remembered her natural endowments. I understood when someone I blamed on how he got entangled with two ladies he “loved”, said to me, “Chima don’t pray for temptation to come”. Then the mother of all questions came, what if as an only son, you get her pregnant and that child happens to be the only child God wants you to have? I could not sleep.

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