Start-up ecosystem in Nigeria especially the fontechs has busy lately, churning out some great techies and amazing Solutions. A lot of folks have taken notice, and not only a local thing, the international community has taken note of the ecosystem. Many venture capitalists and investors have taken note also  and have started throwing in funding for this nascent ecosystem. Having this in mind, The African Fintech Foundry, an organisation that is powered by Access Bank would be hosting the Digital Goldrush 2019, a program designed specifically to fund the start-ups in FinTech Ecosystem.

With a big financial power house such as Access powering this narrative and program, this has shown that the Nigerian banking systems are beginning to understand the significance of technology as a driver of the economy and also the next big thing – fourth industrial revolution.​ ​ ​ ​

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One of the most challenging tasks, for any entrepreneur especially the ICT start-up that wants to start up their very own small business, is to raise capital for it. Simply put, capital is the amount of money the business has available to spend on various business activities. This is one huge challenge and Digital Goldrush is designed to bridge this gap.

Nigeria has always desired to diversify the economy from oil to other sectors but the political will to leave oil for ICT is not there, coupled with the fact that an overwhelming majority of Nigerian banks do not understand what it means to support an ICT start-up or offering a line of credit. This singular situation has exposed a lot of intelligent Nigerians that have created top notch solutions to either leave the country out of frustration or sell their idea. This has caused the country to lose much needed capacity in the ICT and capital flight.​ This situation is what Digital Goldrush in collaboration with Access Bank wants to correct.

With arrays of quality of speakers to deliver speeches and listen to start-ups pitch at the events. Start-ups that get approval from the organisers would go home with funding and mentorship by seasoned professionals.​

Herbert Wigwe, Chief Executive Officer, Access Bank, Nigeria​ will be talking on “The Future of the Intelligent Bank”, Bunmi Akinyemiju, Chief Executive Officer, Venture Garden Group talking on “Securing Seed and Growth Funding for Start-ups in Nigeria and Africa”, Phil Spencer, EVP (Gaming), Microsoft, Unites States of America talking on​ ​ ” The Future of Gaming & Artificial Intelligence” and a host of stakeholders in the tech ecosystem.

Disrupt 2019/Digital Goldrush​ is a brain child Africa FinTech Foundry (AFF) which​ is a pan-African accelerator aimed at inspiring, training, mentoring, and investing funding into growth stage technology start-ups operating primarily in the FinTech space.​

Digital Goldrush” Building a Sustainable Tech-economy” will commence on 16 MAY 2019, LANDMARK EVENT CENTRE, Plot 2&3 Water Corporation Drive, Victoria Island, Lagos.


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