Afiaolu: Devil Visits Nnewi Town as they Celebrate their Festival (Pictures )


Culture is what make a set of people unique. It can be defined as the ideas, customs, and social behaviour of a particular people or society. The Nigerian people are known for their various culture and the Igbo people are particularly known for their “New Yam ” festival. A culture that celebrates their staple crop…yam and also a period to enjoy a wonderful harvest year.

Nnewi people in Anambra state, noted for their unique attribute of business and commerce hasn’t forgotten their culture. Known to have produced notable men in Nigeria from Emeka Ojukwu to Innoson and Capital Oil mogul. The Nnewi people do have a culture, same with other Igbo but with their own type of uniqueness. The masquarade known as “Demon”. It’s theatrical performance and it’s unique costume  ,that some would think is a bit”erotic” displayed at the recently held New Yam Festival at the commercial city of Nnewi.

When asked about the masquerade and it’s weird costume, an indigene of the town,Dess Chi said in a jocular manner

” Demon just appeared and people are running for their precious lives…hahahah just our new yam festival oooooo. Please culture they said is the people’s ways of life… So let stop insulting our culture and stop promoting white men own.Abeg make we encourage our culture biko”, he concluded .

Known as Afia Olu, the festival is a period where most of the sons and daughters of the town unite and discuss the various ways to develop the town. Overseen by the Orizu Royal Family, the festival started centuries ago to comomerate the towns prowess in agriculture and other thing.

Afiaolu (New yam festival) is a traditional festival held annually in Nnewi around August. The Afiaolu festival commences on “Eke” day with what is traditionally described as “IWAJI” (scaling of yam) and Ikpa Nku (the wood gathering), this heralds the availability of new yam as well as thanksgiving to God.

The traditional ruler of Nnewi, Igwe Dr KON Orizu III at the occasion prayed for peace and stability of the town, Anambra State and Nigeria.

Tony Nwosu

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