Ada is the first daughter in every family, some men thinks that when you marry an Ada, most of her family problems will be heaped on your domain, for this reason they run from marrying an Ada.

Dear brothers, is not compulsory that you must carry every cross in her family, after all you’re not the one taking care of her family before marrying or thinking of marrying her.

They are many interesting secrets we don’t know about the ndi Ada; remember that she is the first daughter, and mother drew her closer to assist her in house chores, she is the next to mother, she helps mother in nursing the young ones, she cooks, she washes plates, she sweeps the house, washes cloth etc.

When parents are not around she takes care of her siblings. All these makes them unique and future perfect mothers. Most of them are good disciplinarians, achievers, industrious, fearless etc. They rarely pamper their kids because most of them didn’t receive such treatments from their parents, unlike her younger ones.

There is this proverb in Igbo that says, ” Ihe ewu bu uzo wetera/kuluru ka nke kpeazu ga ewere/kuru”, that’s the main reason Igbo parents discipline their first issues in order not to influence or corrupt the younger ones. Most of the first daughters are good breeders and they don’t pamper kids often.

Ndi Ada nu’eba, ekele kwam unu o. Ada, Adanma, Adanna, Adanne, Adaeze, Eziada, Adaugo, Adaora, Adamara etc.

Most of the great leaders or achievers of Igbo extraction are the ndi Ada. Wishes you all beautiful days ahead.

Bless week loves

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