Dear Men in Nigeria, sterility and impotency doesn’t know any big boy !



With that 300 naira you spend on a bottle of Heineken or Big Stout, with that 250/200 you spend on a bottle of Life or Star or Hero (o mpa), (in some hotels, common beer drinks are sold thousands even); with that huge money you spend consuming lots of red meat in the name of Nkwobi and Isi ewu pepper soup, you can get all these vegetables and tomatoes in surplus and improve your health — especially your reproductive health. It’s no joke. It’s not a matter of being manly or big boy. We’ve got to help ourselves because many women are helping themselves healthwise while we ignorantly feel unconcerned. I’ve done my independent study in some parts of Igboland and noticed that a girl of 18 is always more conscious of her healthy consumptions than a boy of 18. While girls begin early enough on these things, we often become conscious lately, especially from 30s. Which is why some avoidable health issues from unhealthy consumptions plague men more than women especially during midlife of 30s and 40s. (I stand to be corrected anyway).

Sterility, prostate and other reproductive diseases really do not know any big boy or masculinity. And so many young men in their 20s and 30s are suffering avoidable incapacities courtesy of their consumptions. Something unheard of in the 90s and 80s. You know what I mean.

Tomatoes alone are very strong sources of reproductive immunity for men especially because of their high zinc and other contents. With about 200 naira, you’d have a lot to chew raw (if you aren’t nwa mummy) or make stew or sauce with. Forget about their sachet and tin tomatoes for now. Just consume enough of these raw fresh tomatoes now they’re abundant in the markets before the scarcity resumes in about some months. Green beans, carrots, spring onions, onions are also abundant now. They’re great veggies and their fibre content would be very helpful in your system. If you can, quit beer for this month and face these edibles and see some differences both internally and externally. Think about how many bottles of beer you consumed since January 2017 till now and ask yourself: “How much have I stressed my immune system and how much have I tried to rebuild it to withstand unforseen issues?”. That would make you consider what I am on and about. Even your sexual performances alone can be improved by these natural edibles much better than any drugs and alcohol. If your wife or woman is not conscious about these, educate her and compel her to feed you and your family with them often. Women who know these things, please, help your husbands, men and sons to stay healthy with these edibles. You know, when we do excellently in our jobs, your joy is equally excellent?!

Great Sunday, Esteemed Friend!

© Chijioke Ngobili, 2018

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