David Adeleke known as Davido is in the news again, not that he has ever left the news, always in the news but this time around it is the nuptials! The young, beats making, chat topping musician has proposed to his long time love Chioma.

Fans and industry watchers are not  all that dazed and amazed because from the look of things, Chioma was the chosen one amongst the Harlem of beauties the young musician have but what is on the lips of people is this; did Davido propose out of pressure considering his age and Chioma’s pregnancy or is the young man trying to make a statement that he is responsible after all.

With the wedding bells rings and the decibels are audible, though a bit faint! Puritans and moralists have gone to social media asking about the wedding and also they have opined that it is wrong to get a lady pregnant before proposing. They are of the opinion of bed undefiled! But in a world that is much loosing the traditional norms for a fast paced life, it seems that the issue of chastity is going extinct.

Kingsley Nweze said “Is she trying confuse us into not thinking she is a baby mama?
Nne am still looking into the dictionary to find words for this act, are you baby mama for some seconds or not entirely ? Meanwhile, you got pregnant before the introduction, then the proposal, baby-bump is 6months. Happy for you sha.”

Jude Woke added that “Have anyone noticed that this days pregnancy before marriage is a thing of pride?

Jenifer Micheal implied that “I thought she said that she is not pregnant, so she “dey” shame before, abi David you just propose to her now because is a baby boy, Chioma you are lucky, has been is a girl you would have join d club of baby mamas”

Folks  have supported Davido especially the fans that who did not see anything wrong in putting a girl in a family way before going to the altar. They likened it as test driving a car before buying. Saying that one must be “cock” sure of what he is heading to, a way of getting assurance and future insurance.

Tonia Arachie said “When a Man truly loves you, He celebrates you and thanks you for everything. Davido truly loves Chioma.”

As Davido Confirmed Chioma’s Pregnancy, Chioma Avril Rowland’s pregnancy has turned to be a subject of debate. The talented singer confirmed the news in an Instagram post where he thanked her for accepting his proposal and also for what they are expecting….possibly a boy!





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