Davido, he needs no introduction! Some call him the “coolest” kid in Africa , while some call him the “chat topping dude” but one thing about this young man is that he has shown that he is creative and knows his onions! Davido can be tagged as an enigma or phenomenon in Nigerian music industry. Topping the chats, records sold out and event and shows booked. David Adeleke has come to stay musically. Lately , he has pitched his tent politically unlike most musicians and has made tremendous impact that the government of Nigeria has taken notice of his growing popularity in the Nigerian political ecosystem.

With a super rich father and “old money ” family, Davido has shown that he can cut his own slacks by making a way for himself ! Davido has shown that rich kids can make their own money not depending on parents , this is a clear departure from the norm. Talking about the clear departure , the artiste has gone all ballistic firing from all cylinders and has gone to PDP an opposition party that is not on tune with his region (South Western Nigeria ) just like everything he does , Davido has a penchant of thinking out of the box and he is doing great on this with his association with PDP jettisoning APC which is popular in his region.

Having demonstrated political finesse in the last Osun State Election , Davido has shown that he is am asset tag can’t be wished away. With millions of followers on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, the musician can be called an influencer and he is influencing the youth and also the political equation.

Though a couple of folks might not find this funny! The musician has shown that a musician can make a good transition from music to politics. Unlike most musicians that are not educated , Davido is educated and equipped with a degree and mandatory NYSC certificate which has positioned him for political appointment if the PDP wins! That shouldn’t come as a surprise.

With his romance with Wike, the present governor of oil rich Rivers State and a string PDP member, Davido has been in Port Harcourt , the capital city to engage Wike and lately he was at the Atiku – Obi political train in the state and performed for the youths which are pro PDP and by so doing sealed the fate of APC , which has no visible candidate in the state .

As Nigerians goes to the poll this Saturday , 16th of February 2019, when the history of Nigerian political transition would be written one thing that would be noted is the role this young musician has played. Is it the influence of his wife to be , Chioma Who is from a pro PDP region is manifesting or is it the influence of his uncle , a senator who is PDP member manifests in his political leaning we can’t say but one thing that is imperative here is that Davido has made strides and visible ones in music and he is doing that now in politics. As it stands today, he is an asset that the PDP party wouldn’t want to loose in no time.

Anthony Emeka NWOSU

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