Cyber Security Report 2017: Organisations Must Upgrade Their Infrastructure


With the increasing use and adoption of internet, ePayment and bring your device to the office today, the threat of Cybersec security has been on the increase, Nigeria inclusive. The unveiling of Cyber Security 2017 report has been applauded by industry watchers and stakeholders as one of the most comprehensive Cyber security report in Nigeria.

Cybersec or IT security is the protection of computer systems from theft and unauthorized uses.As we push into the mobile money adaption and crypto currencies , the need to be cuber secured is imperative. It is on this premises that the Nigerian Cyber Security Report 2017 is hinged.

Today, the internet penetration is higher and Nigerians are connecting to the superhighway seamlessly, the need for organisations to be cyber aware should be paramount as pointed by the report. Nigerians are encouraged to be cyber secure aware!

“A lot of the companies are not patching the way they ought to. These are the issues that affect the security of organisations”, said Ike Nnamani, CEO of Medallion Communication LTD.

Recently, organisation and people are increasingly becoming victims of identity theft and this is caused from two perspective….criminals are becoming smarter and also internet penetration is increasing. As people go online , people become more vulnerable. The report outlined ways and how one can be safe.

Bring your own device (BYOD) is the new trend today where employees bring their devices to their work places and connect to the company email or server, a lot of people have office email on their devices. This is another area that organisations haven’t taken control of . Though this makes work to be efficient and productivity but this also is very risky. Though with increased productivity on the side of the staff, organisations are mandated to have robust security infrastructure that would protect the their data when attacked.

Also cloud solutions are been deployed lately, as organizations deploy cloud services it is also important for every organization to know the level of security that is in place in any cloud services . A lot of hacking can be done via cloud.

Budget, this is another area that most CEOs fail. Very few organisation have budget earmarked for Cyber security, not because it’s not important but due to the singular fact that many CEOs and Board of Directors do not understand the concept of Cyber Security and the catastrophe it can cause when breached.
Organisation don’t have enough budget for cyber security because the top management doesn’t understand the importance of cyber security.

The need to change this mindset is important. There is always the need to have a good security architecture and due to the paucity of critical personnel in this space , organisations are encouraged to outsource.

IP security is one of the basic thing that any user should know such as protecting your site with http and this is one of the standards of security.

The Cyber Security Report 2017 unveiling has in attendance many industry watchers from Association of Telecommunication Company of Nigeria (ATCON) , Nigeria Internet Registration Agency (NIRA) The fraud department of Nigeria Police and other corporate organisation.


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