Curve Communications launches FirstInfo Distribution Service for SMEs




Curve Communications, a Lagos based public relations agency recently launched an information distribution service called FirstInfo. It is specially designed for small and medium scale enterprises, seeking bespoke and affordable service to improve publicity and deliver on communication needs.

FirstInfo is constantly growing its database of reporters, bloggers, social influencers and on-air personalities, millions of consumers and access to international media coverage. The service also provides customized and pocket friendly packages which are suited for different business types.

Speaking about the new service, Adeola Odunowo, Managing Director of Curve Communications opined that the lack of viable publicity, is one of the major reasons – small businesses fail in Nigeria. He stressed “the way your business is perceived by stakeholders is very important, as stories and values can be narrated to attract potential prospects and investment for growth.”

Odunowo said though the social media has helped to simplify message dissemination, it’s been discovered that most businesses, especially SMEs still package and distribute information the wrong way. The lack of a good marketing strategy leads to low results and a downward trend for many small businesses.

FirstInfo distribution service provides three different packages namely Basic News, Classic Buzz and the Premium Pro. The service offers a free round-the-clock online advisory in addition to stories, pictures, video syndication and brand monitoring across different online and offline channels.

Mrs. Anu Martins, a business owner who resides in Lagos praised the support for SMEs. In her words “this publicity package will create more awareness, tell our stories and journeys doing business in Nigeria. The biggest challenge for any start-up is driving sales and making your customers know what you do.”

Most small business want to tell the world different tales of success and failure, but above all, the resilience and strategy they used to stay afloat in the market place.

Curve Communications Limited was incorporated in 2012 as a strategic marketing company with the vision to be the preferred channel of communication, projecting brands in Africa to the World. The firm offers services ranging from public relations to events management and online marketing @curvenigeria across different social channels.


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