Why We Are Crushing On Runtown’s S2


When Runtown came to town, he came with not only music but some of the finest phone. One thing I noticed about him is his phone. I am particular about the phones that people use and there is this correlation between phone types and person’s outlook to live, their level, choice and taste. Runtown uses Infinix Hot S2! That’s some good taste he has.

I am a device addict and having used some of the finest phones, I have come to understand that one of the features I like in a phone is speed. Believe me, i am a game freak, I want that my Asphalt 8 to play seamlessly or my Dream League, these are pretty damn heat games with some great graphics. These games don’t play on some lousy phones but when i got my Infinix Hot S , it was great gaming period. That’s how my romance with the brand started. If Infinix had been a woman, I would have proposed. Now Infinix didn’t fail me here ,their new upgraded Hot S2 is equipped with a 64-bit octa-core processor, INFINIX S2 is primed for multitasking. Responsive fingerprint recognition achieves unlocking in 0.2 seconds. That’s impressive .

Those folks were not done yet, they came out with some “baaad” upgrade of hotS and gave us the one Runtown is using, an upgrade of poor me ! I am dreaming of it but my hotS is still on point just that the golden casing had started showing aging. With some whitish color showing, which had shown that there is nothing golden about the casing. Battery weakened by my usage and maybe having to walk around with power bank due to the 3500 mAH battery , Hot S is some good phone .

The new upgraded Hot S2 comes “badder” and better. Infinix awes and shocked the world with double front camera .That’s a very good moves. In a world that we have some great phones, Double front camera in a phone can be said to be an epic move. It’s a selfie lovers delight and groupies lovers paradise. Though the OEM will want to use wefies but I am okay with groupie. The front camera is 13 MP! Can you believe that! pictures comes out in natural state!


I think it is time for trade-off , the price is pretty cheap, the new Infinix Hot S2 (3GB RAM which is an upgrade from previous version which h is just lousy 2GB and 32GB internal memory which is expandable , who actually needs a memory card today when we have free cloud saving facilities around.

Infinix Hot S2 pricing is very okay, Checked Slot Phones, it sells around N65,000 and that’s to me, a fair deal for anybody that’s interested in a good phone. I am a believer of not breaking a bank to get a great phone and Infinix mobility had demonstrated this notion with this device. All I ask is ; Where can I do a trade off ? I am done with Hot S!

Caveat: Please, the device is smooth and beautifully crafted in some of the best crystal glass and is tempted to touch. Perfectly fits a ladies purse, especially that one they call envelope purse. It’s a beauty to behold …I am so getting you,no more crushing.


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