Crude Oil: How Will Nigeria & Delta Dwellers Treat Herself Of Dutch Disease


To whom much is given ,much is expected. Dubai has changed their narratives, Saudi is changing theirs and there is a paradigm shift but I think the Niger Delta people are one of the most funniest people that ever liveth. They don’t take anything serious not even the impact and the benefits that should accrue, tht would have accrued and the ownership of crude. The environment is in a sorry state. This is what we term as “DUTCH DISEASE”.

Take a walk at the swamps….It will look as if you are walking in some waste land, lewd poisoning and leaching is the order of the day. shell isn’t showing interest in cleaning up and the communities chiefs are okay with some few millions of naira , new whiskey and attendant new wives. They are okay. They do not ask how do we change the narratives for their kids ? Though, the region had billions pumped into the zone,yet nothing to show for it.

The bad news, like coal, steam and other forms of energy oil is going and can’t rise. The oil producing communities are shortchanged….They lost their environment, they lost their mentality (capacity building ) to engage in other meaningful endeavours. They lost their land to farming. They lost their qouta in oil ownership ,they lost our in value chain be it up stream,down stream or mud stream, they lost out in toto. It’s all due respect to my Niger Delta friends. The truth must be said .

When you allow Alamiesiya to build musloleum and advocate for his release, i wonder the message you are passing. When you give Ibori chieftaincy title ,i wonder the message you are sending. Now, the hen and the coast must come home to roast, they are home. Oil is going nd the world is reducing their carbon footprints….Nigeria won’t be exempted. Energy firms are investing in Research and Development for renewable energy. The richest man today is into a renewable energy business…The question is where do you fit into the narrative. Bursting pipelines won’t be the best in a long run. The best is take the future and ask questions .

By 2040, UK and most WESTERN States will no longer have diesel and petrol cars on their streets and on sale. Though, Africa and Nigeria would be always the dumping ground but our climate will suffer. The snag isn’t paradigm shift, the issue is how do we cure ourselves of the Dutch disease, especially developing an immunity and antidote for our people , especially the Niger Delta folks.

The oil was a cause to us and them and not a blessing..

Tony Emeka Nwosu

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