It is the ultimate intention and wish for everyone of us this includes   churchgoers and Christians for  God to bless them this new year! This  is to be expected from everyone and seems  normal but the question that they have refused to ask themselves is which  side of divide do they fall in? Are they really doing what God wants of them as it has been indicated in the Bible. Have they “crossed over” from their lives to the laid down procedure and injunction of God !

May it be known that any man that is not ready to cross over the other side of life is not yet ready to make it. As it pertains with the physical so it is applicable to the spiritual! There is always a need to cross over ! This crossover time has been noted to be the turning point in any man’s life. For you to have the blessings of this year and enjoy what the Lord have for you, there is always the need to crossover!

We must  have a clear understanding of the word ‘Crossover” , it is crossover(/ˈkrɒsəʊvə/) it can be a noun meaning 1.a point or place of crossing from one side to the other. 2.the process of achieving success in a different field .

The second definition aptly describes what we meant by crossover ! In life there must be an obstacle you must cross. This is just the reality of life. Thinking that life is a smooth sailing and a walk in a park is one notions that we Christians have to get used to but that isn’t reality. In life any success that we must achieve we must have obstacle to cross but God in his infinite wisdom would always make a way for us! But the obstacles would be there.

To be celebrated, you need to break every negative perception in one’s mind. First thing is to celebrate yourself, place value on yourself and you must cross over from despair to optimism. Also reject carnality! Always be in tune with the word of God via he bible.

2 King 2 vs 6 , the Bible made us to know the importance of holding on to principal/focus and also the importance of crossover. Here in this verse. Elisha held unto Elijah! Though a lot of people like the fifty prophets came and spoke to Elisha and tried to discourage him and viewed afar off , from the other side of Jordan ! Elisha held on! They (Elisha and Elijah) crossed over the river when he divided the river and that was then Elijah asked Elisha what he wants , this question was asked immediately they crossed the River Jordan! This is symbolical! The question was asked immediately they crossed over . This is to avoid distraction from the other side!

There is an important  need to understand the importance to crossover !  Leaving your comfort zone and crossing over need a high level of focus. These critical ingredients ( perseverance , focus and bravery)  are imperative to the spiritual, physical and financial growth of any Christian!

Though in this path of crossing over and leaving the comfort zone , pessimistic folks  you would encounter , this can be within your family or church  or even friends  but don’t despair. As a pastor, I have come to understand that many Christians would want to discourage others ,some do this  unintentionally but it is always there , just like when we wanted to build this Cathedral, though I was (ill)} advised to build my own house first but the work of God is more important to me any house or any one for that matter. We must get this cleared , it’s God first !

For any one to cross over  one critical thing is the need to conquer your fear! Having God by your side know that you are a conqueror! David conquered his fear which is Goliath! After he conquered Goliath, then he was announced not introduced! That is crossing over !

It  is only result that cancels insult, so we should not see some words as either insult or slight but a challenge to do well. I don’t think that busy men gossip! It is basically men that are less focused and lazy engage in side talks and gossips. The need to be focused and crossover from not being focused to being focused is what you need to succeed this 2019.

In the book of 1 Samuel 2 vs 30, here God made it clear that He would honor they that Honor him and he would not honor those that don’t honor him ! We must honor God in all ramifications, crossing over to his side and being under his canopy!

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go,”Joshua 1:9.

“I can do all things through him who strengthens me,”Philippians 4:13.

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