Our contract with the Nigerian Youth



Looking at the present Nigerian situation, one would agree that present and past governments had no plans for the young generation, especially those within the age of 16 and 30 years.

These Group of Nigerians were abandoned to their parents.

A country that abandons the heartbeat of her nation is already planned to fail.

Our Government will bring in these Group of Nigerians as stakeholders in the Nigerian system.

We will introduce internship and apprenticeships scheme which would create jobs for young people.

20 percent of the Civil Service would be dedicated to this Scheme and the Private Sector who complies with this Policy will give tax relief.

This policy will employ the young people, make them responsible and most especially make them earn money and skill.

Some will become full staff, while some would have saved enough money to pursue their bigger dreams.

We believe that a responsible Youth/Young Adult will grow up to become responsible adults and national leaders in future.

This is our contract with the Nigerian Youth.

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