These key words such as consistency, commitment and integrity are what the average Christian must have. The importance of these attributes in any Christian is a sure way of being in tune with God. In 1 Corinthians 15 – 58, the Bible was clear on these and how it affects the Christian life.

Commitment can be shown in the life of Abram before he was named Abraham when he was asked by God to give him his son. Abraham did that without questioning God and he was committed to because he listened to instructions.

As a Christian, what can be said about you? One thing that you must know is that at a point in your Christian life, your integrity would be tasted. Just imagine a Christian using office telephone to do a personal thing! That isn’t integrity ! Also , in churches today, many pastors would look at faces of the members and the rich folks to pervert justice.

Now , how committed are you as a Christian? Have you asked yourself if this. Would you still be consistent to that same pastor , church that God used to bless you. In John 4 vs 34 , here Jesus demonstrated commitment to the work of God where he told the people that my “food is to do the work of my father who sent me” that is the height of commitment.

In Psalm 25 vs 21, the issue of integrity was raised. Here in this verse the Bible made it clear “let integrity and uprightness preserve me for I put my trust in him ” the question is how many people today have this integrity. A lot of Christians would fail integrity test. That is why today when you see someone who is vigorously and rigorously presenting himself and herself as a Christian, give that individual a political post and what him falter.

We keep shouting integrity in this country up and down but one thing we must understand is that integrity is a luxury and many Nigerians can’t afford this. This is the current realities and as it stands today , this characteristic call Integrity is going extinct.

A man of integrity don’t go around demanding to be respected! He automatically gets respected because his integrity goes before him and speaks for him. This is what we must get to know especially in a continent that is obsessed with the concept of “respect.”

If you must succeed in life be it business or even work, you must show consistency and commitment to anything. We must show commitment in everything we do. How can you want to succeed as a businessman and you open your shop by 10.30am on daily basis. This isn’t commitment but absolutely laziness and prayers wouldn’t settle this – trust me. So as a Christian you must know that there is need to have commitments & integrity . This is imperative.

In Hebrews 13 vs 8, this portion of Bible said Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever this means integrity. The name Jesus doesn’t falter. In Colossians 3 vs 22 also made us to know what integrity is all about. A lot of things have happened in our climes today that you ask where us the integrity ? It is not about the person but about the quality of character and this is becoming scarcer on daily basis.

Mathew 5 vs 37, here the Bible was so categorical on integrity and made us to be firm. Let our yes be Yes and our No be No. You just see Christians today swearing with Bible yet they are found in corrupt practices. This is an example of lack of integrity.

Examine yourself , 2 Corinthians 13 vs 5, here the Bible gives us guide for self inspection. We should always test yourself and know the areas that you are defective or lacking.

Another thing is how committed are you to your place of worship or church. In Romans 12 vs 11 demonstrated areas that we should show integrity and the critical part is in our services to God! “Not lacking in diligence, fervent in spirit , serving the Lord”, this is the clear position of Bible on how we get devoted to God.

The need to have the above mentioned attributes as a Christian becomes imperative in our lives . Having these in our lives would guarantee success be other spiritually or materially. Christians must always be consistent and demonstrate integrity.

Faith Cathedral International Ministries

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