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Confusion is a state of not being certain of things and ,indecisiveness . It is what many Christians face today , they are more getting confused . Confusion, this is a fragile state and must not be allowed or toyed with by any Christian. At this stage of life, there is always the need for divine intervention. Many Christians are confused without their knowledge.

For God is not the author of confusion , this is a clear statement in Bible ,1 Corinthians 14 vs 33. So many Christian folks are confused on what to do and where to go. When a lady is having multiple relationship as a single lady, that is an element of confusion. In a nutshell , confusion can be likened as a spirit from the devil. Can a Christian be confused ? Oh yes!

The issue of confusion is getting common these days because most people are talking from their own mind especially some men of God and would present it as the word of God. This is an element of confusion… confusion is when a man that calls himself a pastor would talk and tell the congregation that “This said the Lord” when God hasn’t spoken. This is one thing that we must always have in mind – God is not an author of confusion!

When one abandon projects after investing so much time and resources in such a project, that is confusion, this can be seen as abandoned projects littered around in the country.

In families, majority of women would want to lord it over their man, this happens today, having this situation in family would lead to confusion ! The kids would be confused on who is the head of the family, the society is churning out this confusion in the area of feminism. This is not the position of Bible and every Christian woman must understand this.

Confusion is when people start ministry not because they are called by God but because of the love for money. We have seen this on daily basis where many so called men of God are into the pastoral space because of their thirst for money not the love for God or salvation of souls. This is the confusion that we have seen in today’s Christianity! But, that doesn’t mean we don’t have good men of God! We do.

Confusion can be likened to putting a square peg in a round hole. Christian must understand that the learn that meritocracy must rule. God gives position to people that merit it and not the people that want it or look it. Christiana must learn how to listen to learn and slow to speak. One who speaks too much might be seen as confusionist. A confused person cannot help himself or be of help to others.

Young people must be focused! A sister came one day and said that I should pray for her , that she need a good husband but after interrogation , one can noticed that she is confused . She would have said “God gives e me that man that you created for me ” so this issue of high selection and media image of what a husband should look has confused many of our young ladies ,including the issue of baby mama and Telemundo’s image of marriage and love ! This narratives has literally muddled up the brain of many young ladies. This has made them be more of spinsters than wives. This is just confusion in Christiandom and true Christians must desist.

Everyone can’t be your friend that is what we must know. In church there are all members and the truth is that not everyone would go to heaven , so as a good Christian, one must be careful of whom the associate with , this is another way to avoid confusion in one’s life and spirituality. Confusion is a tool that the devil use as a stronghold.

When a man is confused in life , he doesn’t know where and what to do. You see a Christian that would do tons of business , they would sell food today, they would be driver tomorrow, they would be dancers next week ! This is the height of confusion. A rolling stone doesn’t gather moss. Before anyone must embark in anything, there must be prayers for direction not dabbling into things because one is making a fortune from it ! That is confusion, Christiana must always see these subtle elements of confusion and a our it like virus. Confusion is subtle, endemic and destructive .

Products of confusion are havoc, disagreement etc. Broken homes, marriages , business failures and waste of life are few of the products of confusion. I always pray that the devil should not make people confused. Godliness with contentment is a great gain. Good name has always been better than silver and gold and as a christian, always talk and think about good name! Also the issue of contentment is very important. These are the things that one can do to avoid confusion. We must have an eagle eyes and learn from other people’s mistake.

A confused Christian cannot make heaven because he lack focus. A double minded person can’t make heave. In Bible , it so clear on the position of God on confusion. On the book of
Revelation 3:16-18 16 “So I will spit you out of my mouth, because you are only warm and not hot or cold.”

Confusion is the situation where people go to church not to seek the face God but seek miracle from one place to another. You would see them in various churches, various denominations and various religion. They are Christian today and traditionalist tomorrow…that is confusion and that is what Christian must avoid.

These are the critical areas of confusion that Christians encounter. There are ; Whom to marry, when to marry and how to marry are the few areas of confusion. People must look at the positive and negative side before they say yes.

The issue of career and business is another area of confusion. You don’t dabble into businesses or profession because somebody is making it.

The issue of churches is another thing. You don’t just jump into denominations anyhow, some churches aren’t meant for you. Before you join any denomination please, do pray. And also don’t go looking for error because I’d you do, you must see one , that is imperfections of humans so work out your salvation.

The issue of friends is vital, which friend to keep is another area people get confused. The issue of friendship is vital ! If your friends are not adding value to your life , please leave them. Don’t be associated with such people.

What do I eat? What do I drink as a Christian? These are some questions that we ask , but we must know that there are things that we don’t need to eat.

The need to be focused is good. Focus is good and very important in life. We must always look into God for focus and always go for counsel.

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